More Biden DOJ leaks
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More Biden DOJ leaks and a media still conflating news to fit their narrative

Before I get to the meat of today’s show, I did have to open with more examples of the dangers of magic-thinking on behalf of our elected (or appointed) leaders. The EU, after embracing short-sighted energy policies, are asking people to limit their use of electricity or gas in order to (where have you heard this before) flatten the curve. Chinese spy banger, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) mocked Governor Abbott of Texas two months ago for daring to allow people to leave their thermostats unchecked. Today, he begs Californians to bend to the yoke of Governor Newsome’s energy restrictions in order to avoid rolling blackouts. Magic-thinking is on full display for all to see.

But, that isn’t my main topic today. Because our Legacy/mainstream media is full of people who are too dumb to ask questions or to realize their own ignorance, I have to fix some grave errors surrounding yet another Biden DOJ leak. With both breathless and reckless abandon, the news is all aflutter with word of documents seized from Mar-a-Lago contain documentation of a “foreign government’s nuclear capabilities.”

This morning, CBS reporter Catherine Herridge, who should know better, made several grievous errors by conflating information and misrepresenting more. While doing so, if you listen carefully, the story is filled with caveats and CYA language to provide cover when they turn out to be wrong. “Unidentified sources”, “may”, “could”, “might”, “potentially”, “unconfirmed” etc…

This latest leak follows on the heals of what Judge Cannon cited in her 24 page ruling as yet another reason for the appointment of a Special Master to review the seized documents and items from Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. The leaks are designed to shape the narrative, spin the story and enlist the aid of an all-too-willing sycophantic media to run with mindless drivel. Thus, I spend a portion of the show once again explaining how the intelligence community operates and point out all of the flaws in the reporting over the latest Biden DOJ leak.

As I wrap up, I refer to a piece written by Margot Cleveland in The Federalist. The piece is a nice companion to much of what I brought to all of you on yesterday’s show. The story is entitled, “Special Master order reveals Biden’s direct involvement in Trump raid and six other bombshells.” Granted, long-time listeners of the show will have already known most of these revelations, but it is always nice to get reinforcement from other independent writers and researchers.

Ultimately, if we do not, as a nation, reject this current machination of the regime, we risk allowing it to become the “new norm” in politics. The political pendulum swings both ways and what works for Democrats today, will be decried by them tomorrow when the table are inevitably turned. Neither side should want our nation to continue down this path. Rather, we should all want and strive for a return to the fundamental roots of our Republic and the safety is secures for both the majority and, more importantly, the minority.

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