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A series of unfortunate events for Leftists including Dr. Fauci and Karine Jean-Pierre

To wrap up the week, I wanted to hit several stories that all share a somewhat common thread. Each news items reveals how the Left is dealing with a series of unfortunate events. First up, and to continue illustrating the harm caused by a media no longer interested in truth, I share a piece revealing 1/3 of democrats and 41% of MSNBC viewers believe Florida requires university professors and students to register their political views with the state. Where did this lie begin? We can thank a tweet from author Stephen King, quoting a debunked story for

Julie Kelly, Senior Writer at American Greatness, broke down the government’s filing for appeal over the ruling by Judge Cannon for a Special Master to intervene in the Trump case regarding the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago. The government seems to be really, really worried about an independent third party being able to see the stash of items and documents seized from the former president’s home.

In a new study from Brazil, peer reviewed and published in medical journals, 88,012 participants found Ivermectin cut the chance of COVID death by 92%. This may explain the information I shared a few days ago about how the NIH had quietly updated their website to add Ivermectin as an acceptable antiviral treatment for Covid-19. Think about all of the bans, censorship and media crucifying that took place around the subject of Ivermectin just a year ago. The sooner the House can be flipped in November, the sooner we can get to the bottom of all the criminal behavior conducted on the part of Big Pharma, Big Tech and Biden regime.

A story in The Federalist by Ashley Bateman suggests some unintended consequences from vaccines mandates. One of them seems to be voter registrations are flipping because people are more interested in elected freedom-loving politicians versus those intent on forcing mandates on people.

New Court documents reveal that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave Dr. Anthony Fauci his personal phone number before the social media giant began censoring information about the Covid-19 pandemic. This information goes along with the discovery phase of the lawsuit brought on by the Attorneys General for the states of Louisiana and Missouri. As a result of this and other indications of the government colluding with Big Tech to censor Americans, a judge as now ruled that Dr. Fauci and Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has 21 days to hand over their communications with five social media giants.

Finally, we show you what hypocrites democrats are as it relates to their ‘sanctuary city’ policies. Democrat D.C. council member Brianne Nadeau held a press conference yesterday, saying the busing of illegals from Arizona and Texas to their city is a crisis and turning their city into a “border town.” But, if we go back to Nadeau’s Twitter account from June 25, 2019, she wrote, “The District is a sanctuary city, which means our law enforcement does not cooperate with ICE. As council member, I have called for an abolition of ICE and wrote DC’s law to establish a permanent immigrant legal services fund. Funny how this beltway liberal is all about “compassion” and ‘open borders” until it’s in her own backyard. What we continually see from Leftists are lots of words saying one thing, while their actions prove the opposite.

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