Biden takes a victory lap
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Biden and Democrats take a victory lap while the economy keeps cratering

Well, I guess I should be happy to say I was right on target with my prediction at the close of yesterday’s show. President Joe Biden, with a disastrous core CPI number for August and a tanking stock market, took to the White House lawn and gave himself and democrats a collective high-five! He really did take a victory lap over the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act four weeks ago.

Like something out of a Mel Brooks comedy, the chyron graphic at the bottom of the screen was showing the real-time tanking of the market, while Joe Biden was joyously talking about how great his policies are working. He thanked all of the democrats and advocates and activists who made it happen. If I were a Republican member of the Senate, I’d be thrilled to know Joe Biden does not hold you responsible for the devastation he and his party are bringing to fruition.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, just as brain-numbed and un-self aware as the rest of the Democrat party opened her White House Press briefing with one lie after another about the state of the economy. She then went on to say how incredible it is for the White House to be able to celebrate the passage of such an historic piece of legislation to help so many Americans? Help them at what, Karine? Going into bankruptcy??

To illustrate the magic-thinking on display, I play a few sound bites from President Applesauce Brain’s victory lap on the White House lawn. Even Nancy Pelosi, who had to begrudgingly place accolades on Joe Biden’s already addled head, had to remind the audience to applaud. It was stunning, embarrassing and contemptible.

It makes me wonder how they plan to go into the November midterms with such horrible optics and one failed domestic policy after another? Then it occurred to me that we still don’t know what Biden’s Presidential Executive Order 14019 created.

In case you forgot or missed the episode earlier this year, the President signed an E.O. asking each agency within the Executive Branch to submit plans on how to improve voting and voter turn-out in 2022. In essence, the President wants to figure out how to nationalize elections and put them firmly under Democrats’ control. He wants federal agencies to promote voter registration, to create voter information drives, link federal agency websites to state voter registration websites, provide voter registration and vote-by-mail applications, use select third-party organizations to control “misinformation”, create their own version of voter ID to give to voters, create multilingual services for voters and promote voter registration for federal prisoners. It’s like a Marxists proverbial wet-dream come true. And all of this is being done in secret because the Biden DOJ is not providing all of the documents requested by a FOIA request. They are withholding 15 pages of their “strategic plan.” And while that alone should be a shock to all freedom-loving Americans, we have also learned the Justice Department held a “listening session” with outside activists working on voting rights, all of them from far-left leaning organizations.

Perhaps the Biden Administration is right in saying Constitutionalists are an enemy to democracy. If Joe Biden means a pure democracy, then yes, we are! America has never been and better not ever become one, otherwise the rights of those who happen to fall in the minority will be as vacant and absent as the thoughts in Joe Biden’s own head.

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