Sanctuary Cities in crisis
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A border so secure Sanctuary Cities are declaring emergencies

On today’s show, we deal with the ongoing crisis related to our open southern border and the ineffectual leadership we have in our Democrat-run cities and in the White House. After years of trying to get some resolution, the governors in Arizona, Texas and Florida and showing us that folks who declare themselves as “Sanctuary Cities” are suddenly declaring a crisis when forced to put their money where their mouth is.

Before we dive into the border crisis, I do need to get somewhat local as it relates to the upcoming Governor’s race in Georgia. I want to keep illustrating the latest Leftist tactic of gaslighting. Stacey Abrams when on The View and told the country she never said she won the 2018 race for Georgia governor. She said she knew she lost. This is a lie and is meant to convince weak-minded, emotional fools that what she’s telling you now is the truth and any comments to the contrary are false. Yet, we have example after example of her not conceding and believing she was the true winner.

Remember, she is allowed to question the integrity of her election, because she has the necessary prerequisite by her name – the letter D. However, anyone choosing to questions the 2020 election, well, that’s bordering on sedition and makes you an enemy of the state. But, I digress.

Onto the border! I’ve always felt being a liberal is much easier than being a Constitutionalist. You see, liberalism is all about emotions and words and platitudes. Liberals simply have to say they care more, or are more sensitive, or are more enlightened and that’s all they have to do. It’s much harder to actually solve a problem or implement a solution. Living in the real world means brick and mortar, not speeches and virtue signaling.

We can see this in full effect now in cities like Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C. All of those cities spent years calling themselves “Sanctuary Cities” where they were going to be kind, and caring and protective of law-breakers coming into our country illegally. Easy to say and declare when not on the actual border.

VP Kamala Harris beclowned herself on Sunday saying we have a secure border. She said it was the fault of the Trump administration who left them with the border problem (another attempt to gaslight Americans). She conflates a secure border with immigration policy and then tries to shift blame. In the meantime, Hispanic-Americans along the border are condemning the VP for her lies. Border patrol agents are seeing the chaos of the border first-hand.

Since so many liberals have been happy to declare themselves as Sanctuary Cities, Governor Ducey (R-AZ), Governor Abbot (R-TX) and now Governor DeSantis (R-FL) are taking them up on their offer. What’s both funny and sad is to now see those leaders in Chicago, New York and D.C., crying like infants over a few dozen to maybe a few hundred illegals being dropped off in their cities. It’s always easy to just say words.

It’s a lot harder to carry them out. We are seeing stark difference between those who lead and those who only know how to cry and wet themselves. It’s up to the voters to decide what kind of leadership they want moving forward.

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