Leftist rhetoric and violence
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Leftist rhetoric and violence continues to build in the Biden regime

Today’s show is why you should be tuned in every day to The Alan Sanders Show. We get hit with so many individual news stories each day, it’s hard to keep track of them all. It’s even hard, then, to keep the context of the overall narrative fresh in our minds when we are hit with “breaking” news by the hour. Today is a perfect chance for me to circle around and tie together what the Leftists have been doing and to point out their obvious objective.

We start with the bigot, Don Lemon of CNN. Lemon is a race-hustler who is always looking to keep the fires of racism stoked and burning. It’s how he’s made his career – spiraling though it may be of late. On the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, Lemon decided to ask about reparations as a result of England’s colonialism. In a brilliant retort, British analyst Hilary Fordwich hits Lemon with history, context and a reverse conclusion with such force and efficiency, he is left silent and gobsmacked. Fordwich’s response was a masterclass in how to take apart a racial bigot by first, not accepting the premise, and then, delivering facts with pleasant conviction.

We then move to a 41 year old, North Dakota man charged with murdering an 18 year old kid because he was considered a “Republican extremist.” Remember the words of Joe Biden in front of Independence Hall just a few weeks ago? Then look at how the Left has been using the word “extremist” for anyone who is not in lock-step with the Biden regime? Now there is more blood on the hands of those with that message. The Left is almost always the purveyors of violence, including burning, pillaging, maiming and killing those to whom they disagree or feel justifiably aggrieved.

Next we move to a group of lawyers – those who are supposed to understand and know the laws of our land – deciding to file a suit against Governor Ron DeSantis over him flying illegal migrants to a sanctuary jurisdiction. The suit claims these illegals, who broke our laws and are not citizens of the United States, have had their US Constitutional rights violated. These lawyers know the Constitution does not apply, but they don’t care. While condemning the Governor of Florida for pulling a political stunt with the illegals, these lawyers decide to one-up DeSantis and pull a stunt of their own.

Now we move to a non-profit organization called, “Good Information Foundation,” who got caught paying social media influencers to lie about Donald Trump and January 6. A group founded by left-wing billionaire George Soros and others, pretend to be fighting mis- dis- and mal-information by putting out some of the biggest pieces of propaganda they can. They are literally paying people to lie about Donald Trump and January 6.

All of this goes back to the main goals of the January 6 Committee: 1) Convince the world the 2020 election was perfect; 2) Anyone who questions the 2020 election is an enemy of the state; and, 3) Anyone who ever tries to rock the apple cart of the swamp will be destroyed.

We are watching that play out in front of our very eyes. The violence. The rhetoric. The Biden regime labeling their political opponents as extremists and violent and an enemy of democracy is all part of their plan to retain power and keep pushing for their fascists/Marxist utopia. We have realize, they do not want to support the Constitution, they do not want America great and they do not want to be in a Republic. They want a two-tiered system where the elites have their own set of rules and are insulated from the rest of the country.

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