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The party of “trust the science” sure likes to ignore it a lot

Today we look at the party who is always first to cry, “Trust the science,” yet they always seem to be the first to ignore it when the facts run contrary to their preferred narrative. After all, they think men can become women (and vice versa) just be declaring it, a vaccine that doesn’t work is the only solution and a beating heart is indicative of life until it’s no longer convenient.

We have to start with a revisit to the ludicrous comment of Stacey Abrams, who is running for the governor of the state of Georgia. Her position is now so radical, she wants you to believe that ultrasound equipment, developed in the mid-to-late 70’s, was designed to fool mother’s into thinking the sound of a beating heart is actually manufactured. I dive into the basics of biology and reveal what has been true for eons, until Stacey Abrams said it wasn’t. And, like the dutiful useful idiots they are, Planned Parenthood quietly updated their website to redefine a heart beat by around six (6) weeks of pregnancy.

Elle Purnell, a writer at The Federalist also helps to pick this argument apart. What Stacey Abrams is trying to do is point out a distinction without a difference. Of course, I run with this as well, all at the expense of the members of the Church of the Left where the sacrament of abortion is one of their highest honors.

Some on the Left are so unhinged, they are now wanting to conflate a living child with a dead fetus as a result of a miscarriage. In their mind, the removal of the dead child is no different than the removal of a living being. It’s sick and borderline evil to convince their voters that a miscarriage (or an ectopic pregnancy) and an abortion is the same.

Since we are onto how the Left loves science until it is no longer convenient, we need to get to a presentation Dr. Scot Youngblood delivered in mid-August. Dr. Youngblood takes apart the efficacy of the jab. He also reveals a recent study showing the more vaccinated a person, the more likely they will contract the virus and become hospitalized.

While we are on the experimental mRNA drug touted as the great cure-all for the world, have you noticed some ads lately, trying to put a warm fuzzy spin around myocarditis in children. Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins has been warning parents for more than a year that the risk of the virus on a child is far less than the risk of the jab. We really won’t know the long-term effects for years, but if a child has heart damage in their early teens, what will that mean for them when they hit their 50s?

I think I have finally figured out how to define the elements that make a person an “extreme” Republican and an enemy to the regime. After looking at the planks or stances drawing the ire of the Left, here are the big ones they hate:

Following the Constitution as written, putting an end to CRT in school, reminding the Left that kids belong to parents and not teachers or the government, a desire for election integrity, free speech, limited government, strong national defense, support the police, secure the borders, family values and, worst of all, freedom.

For me, that’s a platform I can get behind and wholeheartedly endorse. We have the chance to make that happen in November. It won’t completely stop Joe Biden and his cabinet from trying to impose their will through Executive Orders, but it will dramatically slow him down. Plus, the only way we can get to the bottom or the corruption and the weaponizing of the Executive Branch is to make sure both the House and the Senate are overturned.

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