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Lies, lies and more lies; or, Just another day in the Biden regime

Today’s show is all about how the Left only has lies to sell, lies to tell, and lies still to invent. They have no positives on which to run. All they have is fear and a promise that only they can keep you safe. That’s it. Fear and control.

I open reminding you of some very basic metrics for where we all were at the start of 2020. Inflation was at 1.4%, the average price for a gallon of gasoline was $2.39 and the Dow Jones was at 31,188 and climbing. In fact, the economy was on such a trajectory, the Dow got above 35,000 before every policy of the Biden regime put out the engine. Today we are at 8.3% inflation, gasoline is at $3.73 a gallon and the Dow Jones is at 29,260 and falling. We have lost $7.6 trillion in value in the stock market in less than two years.

Yet, just three days ago, while addressing a gathering of progressive teachers who are more apt to indoctrinate kids in everything but math, science and English, he said 41 states plus D.C. all have average gasoline prices at less than $2.99 a gallon. That is a bald face lie. There are no states – zero – with an average price less than $3.00. And, the prices have been rising over the past week. Our Strategic Petroleum Reserve has never been as low as it is now and the spigot is going to be shut off after the midterms. And, the prices is still rising. In fact, the President just begged oil companies to ask their gas stations to lower prices at the pump.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had to spin her own whooper when asked about a quote from her former boss, Jen Psaki. On her new MSNBC show, Psaki said, “Crime is a huge vulnerability for Democrats.” When Peter Doocy of Fox News asked why she said that, Jean-Pierre literally said, “I don’t agree with that characterization.” What characterization? It was a quote. Jen Psaki said it and Karine Jean-Pierre’s only answer was to say, that’s not what she said.

And, with all of the problems we are facing, both with our failed domestic and foreign policies, a virtue signaling, pearl-clutching, naval-gazing imbecile was able to ask our beloved Press Secretary if the Atlanta Braves needed to change their name? And the eminently qualified Press Secretary entertained the question and said, “It’s important to have this conversation.” The Braves have already had multiple conversations with the Cherokee nation and other tribes and no one has an issue with the name other than self-flagellating, white, liberal elitists.

Which leads me to how journalists have been covering the election of Italy’s first female Prime Minister. Based on the headlines we must conclude a few things. One, the feminists movement is not really interested in the advancement of all women. They only want to root for liberal Leftists. Two, anyone who believes in freedom, sovereignty and the family must be labeled far-right or extremist or too far out of the mainstream. And, finally, the Legacy/mainstream media continues to prove my assertion that they are nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Democrat party.

Why are conservative Latinos in the US winning? Because they also believe in faith, freedom, God and American values including hard work. These are like the cross, holy water and wreaths of garlic to the Leftist vampires who want to drain the Constitution of it’s essence.

But, the people are waking up. They are ahead of the media bubble, who still believe the push to the Left is a winning message. They think by deriding the right and mocking faith, family and freedom they will win the day. But, the people have already spoken in Sweden and in Italy. It’s our turn next and that’s why the Democrats are running on fear, fear and more fear. It’s all they have left and it’s not going to work.

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