Dig your way out of a hole
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The Biden regime believes you can dig your way out of a hole

I open today’s show with the concept that appears difficult for the Joe Biden regime to process – You cannot dig your way out of a hole. It seems simple enough. If you are in a hole, the only way to get out of it is to either fill it or climb. But, they believe in digging and digging and then digging more.

Yesterday I played a verbal gaffe from President Joe Biden where he asked if Jackie (Walorski) was in the room. Unfortunately, the representative had been killed in a car accident at the beginning of August. The President himself wrote a sympathy note to the family on August 3, 2022. After seeing an “in memorium” video on the Congresswoman, he asked where she was and if she was in the room? We could just chalk it up to age and his increasing cognitive decline. But, that would admit flaws or fault, two things this regime cannot do.

Thus, our eminently qualified Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, got out the shovel and just kept digging. First she tried to conflate the notion that Joe Biden had been thinking a lot about the Congresswoman and since it was “top of mind,” it just came out. Now, top of mind isn’t a common phrase to me, so I looked it up and found it is an alternative to “popped in your head.” One definition says it is something that spontaneously comes to mind. But, that doesn’t appear to be the meaning Karine Jean-Pierre was selling.

In question after question, she kept trying to convince the White House reporter pool that Joe Biden had Jackie Walorski so much on his mind that he just called out to her. In other words, he was so focused on her and her work, he forgot she died last month. It’s befuddling to say the least and the press didn’t let it lie. By the time that line of questioning came to a cacophonous end, Jean-Pierre will utter the phrase “top of mind” 13 times. She managed to take a bad Joe Biden moment and amplify it even more for all the world to see. She just kept on digging the hole.

Not to be out done on the gaffe stage, VP Kamala Harris decided to invent a brand new foreign policy position. In a speech from the DMZ between North and South Korea, she said, “The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea.” When the world was asking, how bad of a gaffe did Joe Biden just pull, Kamala Harris jumped up and said, “Hold my beer.”

Which leads me to the final topic regarding yesterday’s discussion over the sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines. This morning, the Wall Street Journal was quick with a story out of NATO. It seems the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, seeing no response at all from the White House, tried to get ahead of the story. In a headline, NATO blames sabotage for the pipeline damage, but adds that their military alliance would be prepared to defend its infrastructure from attacks. In other words, they are inferring an unfriendly entity is behind the attack and would be met with military force.

And, as Twitter user RAMZPAUL demonstrated, the NATO controlled Twitter bots went into overdrive. Hundreds of accounts all mirrored the exact same message: European security officials observed Russian Navy ship in vicinity of Nord Stream pipeline leaks. Every one of those tweets came out after Polish politician and member of the European Parliament tweeted, “Thanks, USA” and sharing a picture of the boiling sea of methane gas escaping the damage pipelines.

Coincidence is not causation, but there seems to be an orchestrated plan to convince the world Russia decided to blow up in multi-billion dollar investment in order to provoke a reaction from the West. While we are still learning more, it seems to strain credulity. With winter coming, why destroy one of the biggest pieces of financial leverage with the EU? Something just doesn’t feel right.

I close with a reminder of the premise of Michael Crichton’s book, “State of Fear.” If you have never read it, I would strongly encourage you to do so. What started off as his research for an apocalyptic story of climate change, turned into an awareness of Eco-terrorists and their blind zealotry to control people through fear. Knowing that, is it hard to imagine those same zealots in the Biden regime thinking the same way?

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