Storms are not intensifying
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Storms are not intensifying but they are being weaponized like other agencies

Friday’s tend to be the day where I catch up on news items I wanted to cover, but had to push them back for other, more pressing stories. It’s also the day where my patrons, who support the show at a tier 2 or higher get their shout out.

The first topic today is a reflection of the news cycle around hurricane Ian. Natural disasters are always just that – a disaster caused by Mother Nature. In no way am I trying to make light of or lessen the impact any storm has on a community, state or region. I’ve lived through over five decades of storms across these fruited plains. Destruction and loss of life should never be trivialized. In the same way, they should never be politicized. The Left is known for the mantra, never let a good crisis go to waste.

Pulling data from over 170 years, we are not seeing any increase in the number of storms that hit the coasts of the United States of America. In the decade of 1851-1860, the average number was 19. In the most recent decade, it is still 19. If you are wanting to follow the “science” then there is no arguing this point.

So, the Blue Check-mark crowd on Twitter, in their vicious desire for death and destruction to be used as a rallying cry for their religious fervor over man-made climate change, have claimed the storms are growing in intensity. While having to concede the frequency isn’t changing, they jump to severity.

Looking at data from 1903 through 2023, that turns out to be untrue as well. The average wind speed of all the storms hitting Florida in that 120 year range is below 120 knots or about 138 mph. The strongest winds ever recorded in this time took place on Labor Day in 1935, with 160 knot winds.

The faithful parishioners of the Church of Climate Change will shift to all cyclonic activity around the globe, then to tornadoes and to drought. The story takes place over and over. While there are short periods over a 100+ year range of higher than normal, there are as many lower than normal to show no statistically significant rise in frequency or intensity of any of these, with one curious exception. While it does appear we are seeing more yearly tornadoes forming in the United States (which is related to our advancement in tracking and measuring tornadoes that never touch down), their intensity has actually dropped over the last 30 years.

Weaponizing weather isn’t the only thing the Left has been doing to achieve their Authoritarian aims. Since the Dobbs decision led to the overturning of Roe v Wade, there is an unmistakable war launched on the pro-life movement. A man can be Swatted with 25+ armed agents for an infraction in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic, while over 70 Women’s Crisis and Pregnancy Centers have been fire-bombed, vandalized or terrorized and the FBI has not investigated a single one.

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) sent a letter to AG Merrick Garland, condemning the actions of the weaponized DOJ and FBI, demanded his testimony and reminded him of the inquiries coming in January after the midterm elections. To add credence to the Biden regimes abuse of executive agencies, 30 more FBI agents have come forward in support of the other whistle-blowers. They cannot stand seeing the FBI turned into the enforcement arm of political agendas. They want to return to being apolitical.

Finally, over the last few days/weeks, the CDC and the FDA have been walking back more of their pandemic mandates, protocols and guidelines. In fact, the more we continue to learn, the more the CDC loses what credibility it thinks it has left. On top of that, the FDA is now refusing to release the autopsy reports of those who died after receiving the mRNA vaccines. They say there is nothing to see, but then refuse to show the data to prove that.

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