soft bigotry of low expectations
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VP Harris exudes soft bigotry of low expectations

Today’s show opens with a comment made by VP Kamala Harris, which exemplifies the phase, “The soft bigotry of low expectation.” Said on Friday on C-SPAN, Harris wanted to be sure the people in Florida who were harmed by Hurricane Ian would be receiving Federal assistance. But, she had a caveat. She said, in an effort to support equity (not equality) we had to remember some people are not as far up the ladder in life as others. Those minorities and people of color would be given first and more favorable treatment.

Needless to say, this flies in the face of everything we hold dear in our country. This notion has been getting out of control for the last decade, with Leftists swapping out the term equality for equity. The very notion that we are all supposed to be the same is abhorrent to how real Americans think and behave. We are all unique individuals, with diverse interests and backgrounds. We should not be striving for sameness. Of course, that’s what the elites would prefer, thereby controlling the people more easily.

Thankfully, while pundits and liberal elitists were quick to leverage a natural disaster for political gain, there were many on the ground, standing side-by-side with Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) who are seeing a completely different picture. For them, DeSantis isn’t focused on skin color or location, he is focused on Floridians, period! Even when CNN tried to play gotcha about where the hurricane hit, it not only failed, but also reflected how petty and politically driven they are.

Shifting to other domestic policy, the price at the pump began rising a couple weeks ago and continues to increase. The reason is the pressures that caused the prices to skyrocket earlier this year are still there. President Biden’s decision to release historic volumes from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve was just a pressure release that artificially lowered prices. The forces at work are still there and with the end coming for the flow at the SPR, prices will keep climbing.

Continuing our discussion on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, we have the official letter sent to the UN Security Council from Denmark and Sweden. Their analysis confirms the two explosions were caused by hundreds of kilos of explosives set off at two different times. At this point, both countries are only just now getting investigative teams to the area to learn more. I’m still of the mind that it makes no sense for Russia to have done this. But, with the report given to the UN, whomever was behind it had to have sophisticated resources and planning to make it happen.

Finally, in an effort to remind you that the people on the nightly news are only interested in ripping and reading someone else’s headline, I play a montage of reporters from around the world on the historic election of the first female Prime Minister of Italy. It seems they are all reading from the exact same playbook. Keep that in mind whenever you hear a breathy reporter playing on your emotions with hyperbole and blather.

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