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It feels like something more sinister is afoot

I’ll admit up front, today’s show is a bit different. I had several random stories I wanted to hit, but wasn’t sure how to connect them. Then, about two-thirds of the way through the show, I got this weird feeling that something more sinister is at play. It’s as if all of the individual stories share a common theme of eugenics. Are the elites trying to push for actions and behaviors that lead to a reduction in the population?

So, how did that thought eventually get into my head? First, I had to discuss Jeffrey Sachs, a professor of economics at Columbia University saying the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage was likely done by the United States. The hosts of the cable show are flabbergasted, but he persists in saying what I posited last week.

Next, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to get us to believe that VP Kamala Harris did not suggest Hurricane Ian relief should be dolled out based on equity rather than equally. We are at a point where both the President and the VP say things and we are told a day later that it never happened.

President Biden put out a strange tweet where he seemed to say, don’t compare me to God, but rather to the “alternative.” Well, who exactly would that be? Satan? And, to add to the ghoulish tweet, it was about Roe v Wade. We know the Democrats aren’t happy unless babies can be killed for convenience all the way up to birth, and now the President says not to compare him to the Almighty.

Nancy Pelosi made a comment where she seems to be encouraging employers to higher illegals, but, only for picking crops, as that must be all they are capable of doing. Talk about the soft bigotry of low expectation! The Left really don’t like most people. They want their vote so they can stay in power, but that’s it. They want to control people and keep them as far removed from their own communities as possible.

The next story is about a National Guardsman who did not want the Covid-19 vaccine based on religious exemptions. He did agree to a flu shot, though. However, after receiving the shot, he was told he was actually given the mRNA vaccine Covid “by mistake.”

The American Medical Association is now asking both the Biden DOJ and Big Tech to help in censoring, deplatforming, investigating and prosecuting journalists (or anyone else for that matter) who questions the orthodoxy of radical gender surgeries for minors, arguing that public criticism is “disinformation.” All of these genital mutilations are being done on children who are not even old enough to figure out what job they would like to have when then get out of school and so many are coming forward regretting their actions.

On a positive note, scientists are admitting the doom and gloom of Greenland’s ice Sheet from 2012 was an aberration. It seems as though the loss was due to a natural warming pattern and not CO2 emissions. The more we see the fake narratives around man-made climate change, the more unhinged the Eco-terrorists will act. Perhaps that explains why the UN, much like the American Medical Association, wants Big Tech to help censor such good stories in favor of only pushing their agenda.

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