now we are sinking
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Biden never wanted to fix the hole and now we are sinking

I open today’s show with an analogy for how we have gotten to where we are in this country regarding our energy needs. The Biden regime is solely responsible for punching a hole in the bottom of our energy independent boat. Shocked over taking on water and beginning to sink, they decided to use a pump to help. That pump is the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. They clapped themselves on their own backs for that solution. And while prices did drop somewhat over the last four months, they never bothered to repair the hole in the hull.

Here comes OPEC+ and they decide to punch a brand new hole into the bottom of the boat. With the pump already straining to keep up, now we are taking on more water than the SPR can plug. It is not the fault of anyone other than Joe Biden and his Administration.

And while they are so short-sighted themselves, I remind you how the blame for the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines seems more and more likely to have been carried out by the US, perhaps along with Poland, as professor Jeffrey Sachs suggests. With that knowledge in mind, what do we make of a headline claiming the Polish president wants America to place nuclear missiles on its land to help protect them from Russia? Is this just ironic conicindence, or does President Duda fear real reprisals and wants the US to give them protective deterrence?

When we look at how the Biden regime is comprised of elements who hate America and everything for which she stands, is it difficult to imagine them relishing in the death and destruction of our place in the world? The entire culture of the Left seems to be centered around both death and control.

On a positive note, I end the show today with some interesting information about marriage and motherhood. While the Ivory Tower of Academia, along with the elites in media, would have women believe being alone and childless is the only way to achieve self-satisfaction, the data does not bear that out. In fact, not only are married women more affluent as compared to single women, they are also twice as likely to report feelings of personal satisfaction with their lives.

Family, community and connectedness provides us with purpose and feelings of belonging. The more we have that, the more “happy” we become. It seems strange we need to investigate what we’ve seen demonstrated over the course of tens of thousands of years. Perhaps the reason we have so much anxiety, depression and anger today lies at the false narrative that singleness is more empowering than marriage and that being alone is better than being in a family.

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