If only Biden had a brain
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Unemployment, Quiet Quitting, Armageddon, gaslighting and if only Biden had a brain

Happy Friday! Today marks the 200th episode since my daily show started dropping at my flagship station, WSB Radio in Atlanta, Georgia. To mark the occasion, we will have some fun music and sound bites at the end of the show.

To start off, however, we look at the unemployment numbers announced today and realize why it drop a tenth of a point – 230,000 people have left the workforce. People are choosing to collect unemployment and government assistance, rather than show up to a job. And, those who do manage to show up for work, are starting to embrace a concept called, “quiet quitting.” What this means is doing the bare minimum in an attempt to keep a job while not doing anything over and above. It’s basically learning how to phone it in, collect a check, and do nothing productive.

To add to more fear on the world stage, last night at a fundraiser, President Joe Biden said we are now closer to nuclear armageddon today than we were during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. If that isn’t enough to chill you, the government admitted to buying $290 million dollars worth of anti-radiation drugs to begin stockpiling in the face of ongoing threats by Russia’s President Putin. Health and Human Services is trying to downplay the timing, saying it was always part of their preparedeness strategy and has nothing to do with Putin and Ukraine. Personally, I find the timing quite conicidental.

Next, it’s time to remind you why these “leaders” want to be able to censor free speech. They believe in the ability to gaslight the American people and cannot have their words played back for them. They want to be able to change history, much like the protagonist in Orwell’s 1984. If they can rewrite their own history, they never have to worry about being show to be the hypocrites they really are. To illustrate this, I play a montage of soundbites of Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, who is the current Queen of Gaslighting.

Now for some fun. I’ve played a lot of Joe Biden gaffes and off-scripte comments that make us all squirm. Thanks to the magic of auto-tune, we can create a song of some of Joe Biden’s best stammers, mistakes and brain freezes. After, the wonderfully talented Jim Gossett provides the parody song, “If Joe Biden Had a Brain,” sung to the Wizard of Oz Scarecrow music for, “If I Only Had a Brain.”

Next, The Daily Show put together a compare and contrast of the show Veep and of our own current Vice President, Kamala Harris. While Veep shows an intentionally vapid and ignorant woman as a politician, we have to realized the truth is even worse than the fiction.

Finally, Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana dropped a new campaign ad and it needs to setup or explanation. If you are not cracking up at the wit and snark of one of the best satirical orators in today’s Senate, then I have to wonder about your sense of humor.

Thank you for 200 great episodes thus far and looking forward to hitting the next milestone with all of you along for the ride! Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on FacebookTwitterInstagramGETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!

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