Rising Authoritarian State
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The midterms are about stopping the rising Authoritarian State

Today I open with an interview with Dr. Peter McCullough. You may remember we discussed late last week about his Twitter account being suspended. He was on the Dan Bongino Show and discussed this as well as the rise in government sanctioned censorship.

It reminds me how the blue checkmark brigade on Twitter are not nearly as smart or witty as the pretend to be. Representative Lauren Boebert put on a satirical tweet, mocking President Joe Biden’s speech late Friday. In that speech, Biden opened with the words, “Let me start off with two words: Made in America.” So, Boebert put on a tweet saying, “Two words: Let’s go Brandon!” The number of virtue-signaling naval-gazers who mocked her was proof they are some of the least aware people online. They beclowned themselves by not knowing the basis for her tweet. But, they are the ones Twitter trusts to be taken more seriously than people like you or me.

The current Queen of Gaslighting, Stacey Abrams, fresh off her fetal heartbeat debacle, decided to out-do herself on that one. On Fox News Sunday, Abrams now says science has no idea when a pregnancy even begins. I am not making that up. Her direct quote, when asked about where she would draw the line for abortion, said, “The arbitrary standards of timelines ignore the medical reality that it is a fallacy we know exactly when a pregnancy starts.” She goes on a long, blathering spiel reminicent of our Vice President’s talent for word salad. In short, she used a lot of words to say, since we don’t know when a pregnancy begins, we can kill a child up to the moment of birth.

On Friday, the Surgeon General for the state of Florida, Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo, put out the results of a study of the use of mRNA vaccines on men ages 18-39. That study indicated an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death within 28 days following vaccination. Because of that, the state put out a guideline suggesting significant caution for that age range.

Needless to say, without explanation, Twitter took down the post and labeled the surgeon general as being in violation of Twitter rules. I’m curious, which rules are they meaning? A scientific study being released by the top public health official in the state of Florida is not qualified to address a health concern, whereas the soy-swilling, triggered children at Twitter are?? After a massive social media up-roar, Twitter reversed the censorship, but the problem still remains – big government’s collusion with Big Tech is designed to censor anyone and anything that falls outside of the state’s approval.

And while all of that was happening, a FOIA request from nearly 18 months ago was finally fulfilled showing the government’s plan for an all-out propaganda blitz to push mRNA vaccinations across the country. The depth to which public healh was willing to go to push their one-size-fits-all narrative should scare all of us.

Which is why the midterms are so important. We have to get to the bottom of so many corrupt agencies and agendas. While we may want to argue over cultural issues, the one issue that should unify us all is in wanting the freedom to have the discussion in the first place. If we lose our ability for the free-exchange of ideas and opinions, then everything else becomes non-existent as we fall under the yoke of an authoritarian regime. The midterms are all about stopping the risiing Authoritarian State.

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