Tulsi Gabbard quits Democrat party
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Tulsi Gabbard has had it with the modern Democrat party and so should you

Today’s show continues to demonstrate the modern Democrat party is the party of Authoritarianism. The idea of authoritarianism is where the masses blindly follow the mandates of the state, while the state implements suppression of individual thought, opinion or action. Just looking back since the start of Covid, is there any question the current policies of the Left are trying to achieve that end?

Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has decided the current party has long since left her behind and she is no longer going to be part of it. She said she could not keep supporting a war-mongering party bent on wokeness and the rejection of our Constitutional Republic. Basically, she does not support the rapid and rising tide toward Authoritarianism.

Another example is Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) just signed California Assembly Bill 2098 into law, making it the first state to attempt to censor what physicians can say about Covid-19 to their patients. While grotesquely unconstitutional, until it is challenged, any doctor found to be spreading mis- dis- or mal-information per California’s General Assembly, can find themselves losing their medical license to practice medicine. If this isn’t a clear-cut example of rising authoritarianism, I don’t know what is.

While California is trying to still control the narrative around Covid, we find the European Parilament is questioning a Pfizer director about whether or not the vaccine was tested to see if it would stop transmission. Turns out, they never test that. How many millions were convinced to take the vaccine, not for themselves, but for the guilt they were told about passing it to others if they did not. It turns out, that was a great big lie meant to achieve conformity. But, in California, if you were to bring up this fact, you may lose your license for going against the will of the State.

Another example relates to two of the members of the FBI team who worked with Facebook to get them to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020. Turns out, two of the principles just so happened to be Democrat donors. So, while we would normally expect our civil servants in law enforcement to use “the law” as their measuring stick, it turns out some agents choose party politics instead.

And Democrats are always trying to sell themselves as the party of the working person – the party of the low-to-middle class employee. So, let’s look at a breaking story from Atlanta, where the chruch that pays Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) a monthly housing stipend of $7,417. This same church has been found filing eviction notices on people for falling behind in rent, some for as little as $28.55. You heard that correctly. Raphael Warnock gets $89,000 a year to help with his mortgage, while people how are less than $100 short are being thrown onto the street.

Today’s Democrat party is not the party of JFK or even of Bill Clinton. Today’s Leftists want an Authoritarian regime where they do not want freedom of thought, freedom of expression or freedom of action, because allowing that would risk them losing their power over the people.

Finally, we get to a new episode of Deep Thoughts with VP Kamala Harris as she tries to convince us our children are owned by the state and then somehow links that to the climate crisis. I don’t pretend to understand it, but it does remind us that elections have consequences and we are still reeling from the lunacy of 2020.

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