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When they knowingly lie, how can you ever trust what they say?

Today we start off discussing an email released just yesterday. Remember the border patrol agent flap for supposedly whipping migrants? Remember Joe Biden saying they were going to get to the bottom of it and DHS Alejandro Mayorkas calling it horrifying and choosing to liken it to slavery and racism? We knew at the time, the photographer whose picture we saw splashed on every magazine, social media post and talking head program said there was no whipping, but it didn’t stop the narrative from the White House. We know the investigation came out a few months ago showing nothing.

Now, we learn DHS Secretary Mayorkas received an email 2 1/2 hours prior to that first press briefing that the agents had done nothing wrong. Thanks to a Freedom of Information request, we know they chose to throw those agents under the bus. And, not just them, but their families and the entirety of the Border Patrol. They knowingly lied to the American people all for political expediency.

Dovetailing on that discussion is the ongoing bombshell dropped by a Pfizer Director in front of an investigatory panel of the European Parliament. After all of the edicts, bluster, mandates and smear campaigns, we finally learn Pfizer never tested if their vaccine prevented the spread of Covid-19. Just like with the Border Patrol story, they knowingly lied in order to gain conformity. Those who chose to not comply were part of the biggest discrimination scandals in modern history. MEP Rob Roos was on the Tucker Carlson show to discuss the shocking testimony further. In a press conference held this morning, another MEP, Cristian Terhes expressed similar shock and is now concerned about what else is being hidden from their questions?

Last night, President Joe Biden was interviewed, one-on-one, by CNN’s Jake Tapper. At one point, the President said he did not believe we are headed for a recession and if it were to happen, it would be just a little bit and would end. Now, where have we heard that sort of prediction before? Oh, yeah, they all said the same thing over a year ago regarding rising inflation. The patterns are repeating themselves right before our very eyes. But, we should just blindly trust them this time, right? Why would they lie about this?

The midterms are now less than a month away and it is critical the Republicans gain control of Congress so, at the very least, they can begin to remove these criminal liars from their positions of power. We have to get back to following our Constituion as a Republc. We must abandon the current direction the Left is taking us toward their Authoritarian utopia, for the sake of our freedoms and for the future of our nation.

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2 thoughts on “When they knowingly lie, how can you ever trust what they say?”

  1. Well said Alan. I can only say as a concerned UK citizen keen that the truth will out that the people of the USA will get decent people into the Congress. I do what I can over here.

    One of my main concerns is that the ballots are strictly monitored so there is no cheating.

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