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Inflation continues, Quid Pro Joe gets caught and AOC is lambasted by supporters

Today’s show opens with yet another month of bad inflation numbers for the country. No matter how the Administration tries to spin it, their policies are directly to blame for where we are today. People are struggling at the grocery store and at the pump and with winter approaching, it will not get easier.

To add even more insult, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia decided they would not sit idly by while President Biden and Democrats lie about the OPEC+ meeting and level threats against them. This White House has once again been called out for it’s lies – it’s mininformation, if you like – related to drilling. Knowing the midterms are in November, the administration wanted to get OPEC+ to hold off on it’s announcement to scale back drilling until December. This was a perfect example of asking an ally for a favor and then threatening them if they fail to carry it out.

To remind you of what many on the Left have said about quid pro quo coniditions, we go back to the Trump phone call with Ukraine. Seems odd how silent those same people are when Joe blantantly commits a quid pro quo demand.

Senator Tom Cotten (R-AR) reminds us this was a political move only, not one meant to help alleviate the pain at the pump. However, there is more to this disastrous foreign policy blunder than just getting embarrased on the world stage. By the Biden regime’s designs to play nice with Iran, they are intentionally poking the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The inpetness on display by this White House continues to astound on a near daily basis.

For a moment, I dive into the ongoing reality television show set to air it’s first episode of season 2. The J6 Committee Hearings are back and ready for a late October sweeps week. I remind you they are not interested in getting answers or revealing the truth. They have set goals and are working to establish narratives in support of those goals, nothing more. They have no relevance whatsoever and that makes them angry. Good!

Finally, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez found herself on the wrong end of some unhappy consitutents and supporters. Two men were angry over her warmongering stance with Ukraine and Russia and demanded to know when she went from being an outsider to being part of the establishment? AOC was visibly shaken and has been complaining about it. This was a perfect time to remind her about her own tweet saying “The whole point of protesting is to make people uncomfortable.” Like with most liberals, it’s easier to dish it out than it ever is to take it.

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