Laying the foundation to gaslight
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They are laying the foundation to gaslight you after Nov 8

Today’s show starts off with a brief recap of the nonsense production of the J6 Committee. I believe they have helped in providing a simple litmus test for whether or not people are suffering from even a mild case of mental health derangement. To believe the J6 Committee is looking for truth, means you should likely seek some professional help, if just to get you over this mental fallacy. Employing even a modicum of logic and reason reveals the J6 Committee is all about theater and nothing about substance.

Moving on to yesterday’s stunning revelation from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that the White House tried to strong-arm them to wait just a month before reducing their oil output. It was obviously done for political reasons. It’s obviously a case of quid-pro-quo and it should, based on the precedence set by the Democrats, be a solid basis for impeachment proceedings.

Jonanthan Ferro on Bloomberg TV tried to get Brian Deese, economic advisor to the White House, to address the Saudi statement. In typical Biden regime fashion, Deese refused to answer the question, choosing to serve up one ladle of word salad after another. When they refuse to address the subject, you know they have been caught.

By the way, over the last few months, I’ve told you that I believe the employment numbers are being massaged in a way to try to help Joe Biden with his failed domestic policies. I have said I will not be surprised if they release a mountain of terrible economic and employment news should they loose both the House and the Senate. They will try to convince the American voter that their choice to elect Republicans has suddenly led to all of the bad numbers. It’s not only a lie, but it’s been their plan all along. They are purposely ruining the country with their Green New Deal magic-thinking, and now are going to try to blame a red wave on why the economy is tanking and employment numbers are soon to follow. Don’t fall for it! Both President Joe Biden and MSNBC host Chris Hayes have tipped their hand yesterday and are proving me right.

Australian news commentator and journalist Rita Panahi has some interested observances of our Commander-in-Chief. I always find it interesting to see how other nations are seeing us from the the outside. It’s not good. And, since it’s Friday, I wanted to end with something a little lighter. I have a nice compilation of typical sound bites from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. I think it does a good job of illustrating a typical briefing and is a beufitful analogy for how this White House operates.

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