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Joe eats ice cream, Dems losing demographics and more FBI corruption

Today we start off with a quote Joe Biden gave while stuffing an ice cream cone down his throat. He believes the United States economy is red hot. We have 40+ year high inflation rates, rising interest rates, folks leaving the workforce in droves and more and more economists are admitting we are headed for some bad financial straights. Instead of Marie Antoinette’s, “Let them eat cake,” we’ve got Uncle Joe telling us to get an ice cream cone.

But, what did the Democrats think would happen when they have waged an unholy war on half of the voters in our country? The President and all of his allies, including the Legacy/mainstream media, Big Tech and social media influencers have been calling Republicans enemies of the state, declaring parents domestic terrorists and saying anyone with a different opinion is destroying our democracy. Combined with the horrible prices for everything, how did they think that was a winning message?

Over the weekend, the latest NYTimes/Siena poll puts the GOP ahead by +4. Given the left-wing nature of the Times and of most polling, if they show Republicans up by 4, it’s likely much higher. Plus, traditional democrat voting blocks are ebbing away. 34% of Hispanics are siding with the GOP along with 18% of black Americans. Plus, among the independent voter class, Republicans are up by 10 points. It’s not good for the midterms if you are a Democrat.

Which may explain why Joe Biden continues to scare people. On Sunday, the Biden Twitter account promised, “If Republicans in Congress get their way, prices will go up and inflation will get worse. It’s that simple.” Duh! We told you that and we told you they were going to spin that story. Of course their policies have gotten us into this financial problem and even the midterms are not going to be able to reverse it over night. It’s going to take months, if not years, to fix. But, we have to remind those who are more susceptible to their mendacious ways to hold firm.

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson of North Carolina weighs in on black voters moving across the aisle. He also weighs in on Stacey Abrams who is constantly telling black voters in Georgia that their vote won’t count. Robinson goes off on that form of bigotry and says many black Americans are not falling for that rhetoric.

Mollie Hemingway with the Federalis says if we follow the new low-bar set by Democrats and the media, Joe Biden should be impeached for his quid pro quo with Saudi Arabia, She and I both agree that it should not come to that, but it is important to point out if we wanted to be consisten with our friends on the Left, that’s what we should do.

Also, over the past week, Igor Danchenko has been on trial in federal court for his part in the Russian Collusion hoax. Turns out, while we were distracted on so many other news fronts, it looks like the FBI was putting known liars on their payroll to buy their compliance. According to Devin Nunes who appeared Sunday on with Maria Bartiromo, we also learned the Muller investigation was in place to provide cover for the Clinton’s, the Obama’s and the Biden’s. Sometimes the rot can hide from the light for several years, but it’s all starting to come to the surface. Which is why flipping the Congress is so important.

The FBI, the DOJ, the IRS and so many agencies of the Executive Branch need to be rooted out for corruption and for being used as a political hit squad to go after political opposition. The only way to make that happen is to vote a straight Republican ticket and put those standing committees in the hands of the GOP. That’s why this election is so important.

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