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The party of death, control and fear wants your vote

On today’s show, I wanted to talk about the modern Democrat party is truly the party of death, control and fear. But, before I can get into that, I wanted to expand on the discussion of the CDC meeting to vote on whether or not to add the Covid mRNA vaccine to the child and adolescent vaccination schedule.

To get more depth, I turn to my good friend, Stacey Lennox of PJ Media who just wrote a piece entitled, “CDC Vaccine Advisory Group to vote on adding mRNA vaccines to the Childhood Schedule.” It is a travesty to even call the Covid jab a vaccine. We know it doens’t stop you from getting it or from spreading it. At best, it might soften the impact, especially if you are either very old or medically fragile. Even Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkinds University doesn’t understand how this should be considered given we have no clinical data on humans, only from 8 mice. That’s it! Only 8 mice were tested and now the CDC wants to force children to be injected.

Why are they so desperate to provide financial insulation to both Pfizer and Moderna? Why are the choosing to put children at greater risk from the vaccine versus the virus? It’s unconscionable and every parent/grandparent better be reaching out to their elected officials to make sure this doesn’t become a requirement to go to public school or participate in extra-curricular activity.

As to the party of death, we know how desperate the Left is to be able to kill children. Stacey Abrams has taken the argument to the next preposterous level. When talking about the cost of inflation across the board and the financial hardships hitting so many, she added that this is why women need to kill their children. In other words, since children cost a lot of money, it can be a hardship to a family when they are trying to fill their tanks or buy food. It’s so mind-numbingly stupid, one wonders how Abrams (or anyone like her) can be taken seriously.

Onto magic-thinking. Nancy Pelsoi was live with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell today. Mitchell tried her best to softball the subject of poor polling for Democrats. Pelosi, demonstrating perfectly the concept of magic-thinking, said she doesn’t agree with the polls. With a wave of her hand, POOF, the polling is not longer relevent. Well, Nancy, you are not required to believe in the poll to make it true. Unlike many of the magic-thinkers on the Left, reality exists whether or not you choose to believe in it.

President Joe Biden was campaigning on the message of abortion and Roe v. Wade and managed to give us two glorious soundbites, further demonstrating why we love to call him President Applesauce Brain. First he lost his thoughts on marrying couples in the privacy of their bedroom. Next, he quoted the 9th Amendment as where the “right to privacy” was discussed at the time of the Roe v. Wade ruling. We have a President who is incoherent, addled and not even capable of referencing the very document that defines how our government is meant to operate.

Finally, Kari Lake and Tulsi Gabbard sat for Q&A in Arizona and they both touched on the concepts we discuss a lot on my show – fear and control. It is a nice end-cap to today’s show, demonstrating why Tulsi no longer believes in the modern Democrat Party and why she suggests for many to leave the current party of death, control and fear.

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