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Vaccine injury program budget, Kari Lake knows her adversary and government censorship

Today’s show opens with an interesting coincidence, which dovetails on last week’s news about the CDC voting to add the mRNA vaccines to the childhood/adolescent vaccination schedule. It looks like the Department of Justice is expecting costly settlements in the near future. It seems the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has requested a budget increase of over $10 million dollars. They want to from around $20 million from last year to $31.7 million dollars in FY’23. The VICP is designed to encourage childhood vaccination by providing a streamlined compensation system for those rare instances in which injury results. Odd timing, don’t you think?

This brings me to a discussion over the new breed of Republicans running across the country. This new GOP candidate is unafraid to challenge the media, is prepared to use the media’s own words against them and is unflappable. They are not willing to play along to be nice, nor to worry about being “canceled.” They are not falling for woke ideology and are focused on bringing back our Constitution as it was intended. The legacy/mainstream media has long-since lost all objectivity and are nothing more than propagandists to help the agenda of the Left. A perfect example of how they attack can be shown in a montage of clips about candidate Kari Lake running for the governor of Arizona. Despite the coordinated attacks, she leads in just about every poll.

Remember when I said one of the objectives of the J6 Committee is to prevent any future outsiders from ever trying to come in and rock the establishment boat? Liz Cheney helps illustrate that point in a recent Q&A in Texas. Think about this, someone who lives in Wyoming, travels to Texas to tell the audience who should be allowed to win the governorship in Arizona. Liz actually says she would be willing to help Democrats to be able to defeat Kari Lake. Need any further proof of the goals of the J6 Committee?

In my final subject, in a case that hasn’t received a lot of attention, a lawsuit has revealed a vast censorship scheme by Big Tech and the Biden regime. The case, Missouri v. Biden, “…is uncovering astonishing evidence of an entrenched censorship scheme cooked up between the federal government and Big Tech that would make Communist China proud,” writes Miranda Devine in a story in the New York Post. The ongoing suit continues to show the current Administration and the Left are not interested in freedom of speech or the free exchange of ideas. They want Authoritarian control over every aspect of our lives and will stop at nothing to keep control, grow their power and line their pockets with more and more graft.

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