Democrat plan to fund extreme GOP candidates
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Democrat plan to fund “extreme” GOP candidates is backfiring in spectacular fashion

On today’s show, I reveal how the strategy of the Democrat party has become fully realized and it is backfiring in spectacular fashion. As you know, I’ve been telling you the goals of the January 6 Committee has nothing to do with getting to the bottom of the violence of the day. They were created to convince you that the 2020 election was perfect, to believe otherwise makes you an insurrectionist and if any outsider ever runs on the promise of dismantling the establishment will be destroyed.

Now, it appears the strategy goes down to the level of using Democrat dollars to fund the campaigns of “extreme” GOP candidates. Let me be clear. I am not calling those candidates “extreme.” I’m only quoting the far Left’s narrative. We know their view of extreme is anyone who supports the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, less government, less taxation, more security and a better economy. In other words, the modern Left considers anyone who wants to make America great is an extremist.

Well, it is backfiring on them according to most polls and the trend shows the GOP gaining steam while the Democrats are failing. They picked candidates they could label as J6 insurrectionists or election deniers and the general public isn’t buying it any longer. The reason – most people vote their pocketbooks and their own self-preservation. The policies of the Biden regime are so bad, people are now telling people like ABC they prefer the GOP when it comes to the economy and rising crime.

Add to this the fact Joe Biden continues to show his deteriorating mind over and over again. In his latest few gaffs, he told a group he had pushed across legislation to allow him to forgive student debt. This is not true at all. It was all conjured out of thin air. Then he tried to tell them his anti-2A law “would limit a round to 8 bullets.” Folks, a round is the same thing as a bullet.

Maybe this is why Nancy Pelosi wants to change the subject over inflation. On CBS Face the Nation, the Speaker of the House realizes people are worried about paying their bills, which is not conducive to a vote for Democrats. So, to end on a bit of a funny note, we turn to my good buddy, Jim Gossett, who sings a duet to the tune of “Unforgettable,” only his version is called, “Unaffordable.”

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