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Recapping the Fetterman v. Oz debate and now we cannot trust elections

Yesterday’s debate between John Fetterman (D-PA), who is the current Lt. Gov. of the state and challenger Dr. Mehmet Oz is a perfect microcosm representing the Left of the country. In fact, the situation nearly mirrors that of our own Commander-in-Chief. Joe Biden constantly faces questions about his mental acuity and we see his cognitive impairment getting worse and worse and the same can be said about John Fetterman. Similarly, both men’s wives are at the root of the push to keep them in their campaigns and are constantly shielding them for their own political gain.

What we saw last night was a man with significant cognitive impairment. Remember how Dasha Burns with MSNBC got raked over the coals after her exclusive interview with John Fetterman two weeks ago? She was as accommodating and as sympathetic as she could be, but admitted she had concerns over Fetterman’s abilities to perform. Well, the rest of her colleges in media owe her a huge apology.

In his opening remarks, Fetterman told everyone “goodnight.” While his opening was supposed to be about why he was running, he instead spent most of it attacking his opponent and then has the one to bring up his stroke, calling it “the elephant in the room.” Dr. Oz didn’t do that. In fact, Mehmet Oz never really even strayed into that subject.

Fetterman was lost most of the night, stumbling over answers, regurgitating word salad talking points or assaults along with awkward pauses and stream-of-conscious subject shifts. At one point he even contradicted his stance on fraking, choosing to say he supports it. To call his performance a train wreck does not do it justice. It was so uncomfortable and wrenching, it is impossible not to be angry at his wife and his campaign for making his do it.

Then, following the debate, the certified checkmark Leftists on Twitter and news shows bent themselves in knots trying to shift the goal post and say Oz was the bad person for “bullying” a poor stroke victim. The term “ableism” became a rallying cry for why it would be okay for someone suffering obvious cognitive impairment to be given a pass. To put an lighter end cap to the Fetterman debate discussion, I once again turn to my good friend, Jim Gossett, who provides a fantastic parody song, “Hey, Mr. Fetterman.”

Finally, we have to talk about the 2022 vote from the perspective of the Left. Remember, according to the Legacy/mainstream media as well as the J6 Committee, 2020 was the most secure election ever and anyone questioning its integrity is a traitor. Now, according to a new line of thinking from MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace, speaking with Representative Jim Himes (D-CT), our country is turning into a third-world nation where we need to ask our friends and allies in other countries to come monitor our election process. They also believe elections should be nationalized because, as Joe Biden famously raged, it’s not about “who votes” but “who counts the votes.”

And to add to that, we get a magnificent piece of wisdom from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who said we can have record voter turnout and voter suppression at the same time. You cannot make this stuff up, folks.

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