Biden suggests store brands
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Biden suggests store brands, while the propaganda wing of the Left is in a frenzy

Today we open with President Joe Biden lying to the American people about the price of gasoline and his policies. At a gathering in the state of New York, he said gasoline is now averaging $3.39 a gallon, which is down from when he took office at over $5.00 a gallon. The problem with that statement, is gasoline was actually 2.37/gallon on January 20, 2021, when he was inaugurated as President of the United States of America. His policies made the price climb to above $5.00 a gallon and only by releasing almost all of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which is meant for national emergencies, has he artificially lowered the price. It is still averaging $3.76 a gallon, which is a $1.39 higher than it was when he took office.

Biden’s lie about the price at the pump managed to get a fact-check from Twitter. (I wonder if that has anything to do with the recent acquisition by Elon Musk?) On a tweet, sharing the President’s lie about the cost of gasoline, an addition was tacked to the bottom stating, “According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration weekly report, the average gas price on January 20tth, 2021 was $2.37/gallon.”

On top of that, President Applesauce Brain said the price of food wasn’t really a big deal. He said people just need to learn to be store brands or off-brands. I guess Uncle Joe has decided to wage war on the Kellogg’s company after he called them out for their price of a box of Raisin Bran. I’m not making this up, folks, and I have the sound bites to prove it.

It’s so bad for democrats right now that rabid Leftist Donny Deutsch told Jen Psaki on her MSNBC show he’s scared about a bloodbath for dems. This is ironic given that back in May, Deutsch told MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace that the path to democrat victory was to paint all Republicans as white nationalists and racists who believe in race replacement theory. Perhaps that’s why the Democrat party used donations to help fund the GOP candidates they felt were most aligned with Donny’s “branding” strategy. Unfortunately for them, as I pointed out earlier this week, the plan is failing in spectacular fashion.

Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) also delivered the message of doom and gloom to President Biden on a hot mic. He said Georgia is going downhill for Democrats. He also expressed concerns over losing other seats, though it was difficult to catch everything on the tarmac.

Politico put out a story saying younger voters are not showing up for early voting in the same numbers as they did in 2020. It could be younger voters are seeing the costs of living rising across the board and being new to the workforce, it is hitting them harder than those who have been working longer. I’m not saying they will suddenly vote for the GOP. More likely, they will just stay home, which seems to be what Politico is saying.

Which brings us to Kari Lake and a phrase I use often – the Legacy/mainstream media serves as the propaganda wing for the Democrat party. To show this we just have to look at the last 48 hour news cycle in Arizona. Kattie Hobbs cried to the media that people from Lake’s campaign broke into her HQ. Without checking the facts or doing any due diligence, every news outlet ran with the narrative provided by Hobbs. So, Lake called a presser and gave them the exact same story, only reversing the players. She said they had evidence to believe Kattie Hobbs broke into their campaign headquarters and she expected the media to run with the same vigor to their news desks as they had with the Hobbs tale. Of course, the won’t and she told them they would not. She told them the reason they are in panic is the latest poll shows her up 11 points over Katie Hobbs and so they are in a frenzy panic because their chosen candidate is not winning.

Finally, in another example of the “press” running with narratives, we have a piece from the Independent in the UK. Columnist Eric Garcia put out a “bombshell” stating Clarence Thomas and Ron DeSantis met the day before Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, emails reveal. The problem for Eric Garcia is while the days were only one day apart, June 23rd v June 24th, he was only off by one whole year. In his zeal to rush to publish, he missed that the events were not one day apart, but a year and a day. To his credit, he has apologized online, but that has not stopped the lie from getting around the world before the truth even got out of bed.

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