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Don’t tell me “they didn’t know” and The Intercept story on Truth Cops

Today’s show opens with a quick comment on the evolving narrative surrounding the Paul Pelosi assault and home invasion story. In the last 24 hours, the San Francisco Fox affiliate has retracted that Pelosi and the suspect were found in their underwear; NBC News retracts there were three people in the house; and, Politico retracts a third party opened the door to let the cops inside the home. Yet, with all of the media retractions, they are the first to start crying foul for supposed “conspiracy” theories.

As promised yesterday, I next move to the piece in The Atlantic written by Emily Oster. I’m sorry, but I refuse to accept her premise that “we didn’t know.” I have two years of shows documenting research, information, testimonials and more to show there was a side who knew what was happening and was forcibly locked out of the conversation. People were threatened, deplatformed, coerced, censored and many lost their jobs. To pretend “we didn’t know” can be used as the get-out-of-jail-free card is pure sophistry.

Think of what was done by the government and the leaders of public health. In one move, they closed business, schools, churches and even beaches. They banned gatherings of any kind, including parties, funerals, weddings, graduations, visiting nursing homes, visiting hospitals and even keeping dad’s from seeing their children being born. But, at the exact same time, when it matched their political philosophy, these same people allowed for mass protests, rioting, anarchists to co-opt “freedom zones”, storm police precincts, assault first responders, destroy buildings/businesses, vandalize and infringe on our Constitutional liberties. I’m sorry, Emily, playing the ignorance card doesn’t work. I refuse to accept it when there was a massive group of scientists, doctors, researchers and members of the new media who did, in fact, KNOW and were told to be silent.

Which brings me to my second major topic today. A piece was published yesterday in The Intercept by Lee Fang and Ken Klippenstein entitled, “Truth Cops.” The sub-heading simply reads, “Leaked documents outline DHS’s plans to police disinformation.” In my opinion, this story is the biggest story not being covered by the Legacy/mainstream media. And, that’s to be expected. The piece shows how the government has been intentionally growing it’s tentacles into Big Tech to knowingly censor the free speech of Americans. DHS has gone so far as to work with Twitter and Facebook to create special portals for the government to request the takedown of content it doesn’t like. The portals are a rapid mechanism for the government to censor a wide range of content, including parody accounts and any content disagreeing with government pandemic policy.

My very first show of this year dealt with the topic of the 21st century digital town square and my fears the government was trying to avoid the 1st Amendment by cozying up to the Big Tech sector. Now, with the documentation we see, it’s not just wink, wink, nudge, nudge, relationship, but a fully implement plan of government regulation over speech, ideas, thought and action. To me, regardless of which side of the aisle you fall, this should be one of the most unifying calls we have had since 9/11. We should all be outraged that one of our most precious freedoms is being intentionally trampled by an overzealous and authoritarian regime we currently have in Washington, D.C.

I close with a quote from First Amendment attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon who hopes the Elon Musk takeover of Twitter will open the transparency we need. We need to release the records of all attempts by governments, corporations and politicians to ask Twitter to censor users. We must get there as fast as humanly possible.

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