Joe Biden makes up his own history
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Joe Biden makes up his own history plus more bad polling for Dems

Today we examine some of the recent speeches being given by President Joe Biden. It’s been apparent for a long time, he isn’t able to do well without a teleprompter. He falls back on old habits, namely, making things up (we call that lying in fly-over country) and inventing history.

We start with a tweet from the White House Twitter account, crediting Joe Biden with the biggest increase in Social Security checks in 10 years. Unfortunately, they forgot to remind the American people about the 1972 law mandating cost of living adjustments. The tweet was considered egregious enough to get a Twitter fact-check added to the tweet. They literally were schooled by the very algorithms they have been supporting in order to censor those they don’t like.

Next, Joe Biden claims the man who discovered insulin told him he did not want to patent it because he wanted everyone to have access to it. The problem with that statement is Frederick Banting, the man who discovered it, died in 1941, a year before Joe Biden was born in 1942.

At a different speech, Biden was addressing an audience on an HBCU campus, otherwise known as historically black college or university. He panders to the crowd, telling them he got his start in a different HBCU, Delaware State University. The problem with that statement is Joe Biden didn’t go there. He attended the University of Delaware.

In a speech in Florida, Joe Biden decided to throw out a Southern accent and then took the Lord’s name in vain while using a phrase that was generally used toward people you felt superior to. But, given he is a Democrat, I doubt the Legacy/mainstream media will discuss it. In fact, I doubt they discuss his pandering to the black audience members at the HBCU or having been around to talk to the man who discovered insulin.

A final moment with Joe Biden has him trying to remember what century we are in and how long the Left has been pushing their agenda. It’s a magnificent display of how the brain functions when it is slowly turning into Jell-O.

And polling is not getting any better for the Democrat party. More and more Democrat voters are saying the agenda is too far Left for the majority of America. People are worried about their finances and about crime. In fact, a recent Rasmussen poll showed the top 5 items on the minds of voters heading into the midterms are: inflation, the economy, election integrity, high gasoline prices and violent crime. Everyone one of those issues are Republican issues and even CNN’s Jake Tapper had to admit it’s not good for Democrats.

Finally, some inner communication from House Democrats in Congress shows they are already getting ready to explain their losses. They are not planning to change their policies, though. How many times have I said the wins need to be by substantial margins or they will convince themselves the reason they lost was due to bad messaging? Guess what? That’s exactly what they are preparing to say. They are discussing what message they should have rallied around, rather than admitting it’s not about message, but about their radical agenda.

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