Democracy is on the ballot
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Biden warns democracy is on the ballot

On today’s show we discuss last night’s speech by President Joe Biden. While the blood red lighting and silhouettes of the military were absent, the speech was basically a rehash of his address at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. The doom and gloom divisive speech set to create the premise that democrats represent democracy and the GOP represent tyranny. The talking point has been used by the Legacy/mainstream media for weeks – that democracy is on the ballot. It’s all a complete lie, but when has that stopped Uncle Joe before?

For a man who keeps trying to convince us he is the great unifier, his rhetoric proves otherwise. He couldn’t help but open with the Paul Pelosi attack and once again linked it to January 6. Over and over he said election deniers were on ballots all across America. Let me remind you the DNC strategy earlier this year was to spend millions of dollars on those very GOP candidates. They helped pick the candidates and now they are terrified those GOP selections will win.

Just like the main goals of the J6 Committee, Biden painted the GOP as the party of violence and hatred. He made it known that Democrats never deny election results. They never challenge them. They always peacefully accept the will of the people at every turn. So, if a person ever once came up to him and said Donald Trump was an illegitimate president, he would quickly correct that person, right? Of course, not! I have a sound bite of him agreeing that Trump was not legitimate. So, election denier is a label only reserved for Republicans, not Democrats. So much for unity, huh?

Chief of Staff Ron Klain didn’t call the speech hopeful or unifying. He called it “one final warning” to make sure you do not vote for any GOP candidates. Presidential historian Michael Beschloss, suffering more from Leftist projection than anything else, claimed our democracy could be wiped away in less than 6 days and we will see a time “where our children will be arrested and conceivably killed” if the GOP wins the midterms. Can we say, delusional hyperbole? But, in all honesty, the very monologue Beschloss uttered works perfectly if he had simply swapped out GOP for DNC. Looks at who is already silencing dissent? Who wants to kill babies up to and even past the point of birth? Which party is all for adolescents mutilating themselves and their genitalia? I don’t see any Constitutionalists in that camp. Even Constitutional professor Jonathan Turley found such statements to be ridiculous.

Every Legacy/mainstream news outlet led their news with the same talking point of “democracy is on the ballot.” They ignored all the polling showing Americans are worried about inflation, security, rising crime and the cost of fuel. The media can only ignore reality for so long. November 8 will be the reality check they are dreading.

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