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Which party is already pushing an Authoritarian agenda?

On today’s show, I decide to revisit some of the over-the-top hyperbole from presidential historian, Michael Beschloss. When I talked about his yesterday, I was giving my first impressions. However, I thought even more about it and wanted to address the individual assertions he made on MSNBC immediately following President Joe Biden’s divide and conquer speech.

First, of the two major political parties in the United States, which one already has a paper-trail proving agencies within the Executive Branch are wantonly trampling over the First Amendment? Which party was having weekly censorship meetings, wanted to create a Ministry of Truth and even has secret, backdoor portals to Facebook and Twitter engineers to get censorship requests moved to the top of the list? Folks, it’s not the GOP.

Next, which party has already shown a movement toward embracing death, especially of innocent children? Which party broke into raucous glee when their General Assembly allowed babies up to the very moment of birth to be ripped apart and destroyed? Which party now has a state where it can be argued a baby can be “retroactively” aborted within the first 28 days after birth?

Moreover, when it comes to “our children,” which party is advocating for the unfettered administration of puberty-blockers, genital mutilations and radical, life-altering surgeries? Most of those children will never have the chance to reproduce if (when) they change their minds? Is this part of the Republican agenda?

Which party demands total allegiance, where you are not allowed to question them or to provide contrary evidence? It seems the case for Authoritarianism rests much more easily on the heads of Democrats.

President Biden is now talking about his fears over being impeached. He addressed a crowd telling them a vote for Democrats is a vote to stop from being impeached. When we are discussing the concept of rigging elections and being election deniers, what does it say when the President of the United States is already warning Americans it might takes days or weeks to count the ballots for the midterms. Why not just throw kerosene on the conspiratorial fires?

Finally, did you know CNN reporters and hosts didn’t know you can learn a lot about the state of the economy by watching the choices people make regarding going out to eat? Bobby Flay, chef and restauranteur, had to explain to the elites how each night is like a mini-focus group. You can see the signs of the worsening economy just by paying attention to how people are scaling back and how restaurant owners are finding it more difficult to make a profit. Someone tell CNN’s news department; they might want to investigate this radical conspiracy theory further.

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