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Midterm election 2022 eve observations and predictions

Today is the eve of the 2022 midterm elections and so we spend time on how some of the news has been shifting to accurately reflect how badly Joe Biden is governing, while others continue to prop him up as a poor bystander. I open with a piece by Charles C. W. Cooke addressing the sheer stupidity of a NYTimes piece where they re-write history (or just simply ignore reality) and cast the President as an affable leader who had hoped the country would be magically united now that President Trump is no longer in the White House.

The assumptions we mock appear early in the NYTimes. According to the piece entitled, “As Midterms Near, Biden Face a Nation as Polarized as Ever,” Biden is said to have confided he expected the “fever of polarizing politics to have broken by now.” He says he had envisioned a presidency where he presided over a moment of reconciliation and that if he could just govern well, everything would work out.

Ladies and gentlemen, do we need more evidence of an addled Commander-in-Chief and a more complicit Legacy/mainstream media in creating and propagating sheer volumes of apologist propaganda? First, to assume Biden has done nothing to add to the polarization is to ignore recent events, let alone his entire presidency to-date. Second, how does anyone expect to preside over a moment of reconciliation when they call half of the American electorate enemies of the state? And third, what in the world leads Biden or anyone in the press to conclude he has “governed well”?! It’s preposterous just given the state of the economy, our security and the energy crisis, let alone our disastrous foreign policy.

On the flipside, the Washington Post waited until the day before the midterms to print an honest analysis of the Biden Administration. Today’s headlines from the WaPo reads, “A Bottomless Pinocchio for Biden – and other recent gaffes.” Those stories should have been written on an almost daily basis had the Legacy/Mainstream media been interested in doing their jobs as journalists. Only a day before the election do they try to pretend they have been honest about all of the lies, missteps and gaffes of this aged president.

Yahoo News jumps on the “we have no idea” bandwagon with a story entitled, “Pollsters Have ‘No F*cking Idea What’s Going to Happen’ This Election. The net of this story is pollsters are lucky to get 1% of respondents to answer their questions, so their “assumptions” have to get bigger and bigger to make up for less and less participation. Big shock how no one, especially on the Right, wants to waste their time speaking to a pollster.

Going back the other way, Reuters Fact Check tried to cover for Joe Biden’s lie about getting his political start at an HCBU when he we pandering to another audience. Their “fact check” starts with a re-write of what Joe Biden said, thus having to create a falsehood before being able to help Biden with his lie.

Over the weekend, Joe Biden reminded a crowed in Pennsylvania that he was going to shut down all of the coal mines across the country. To make sure we remind you this isn’t a gaffe, I play a montage of all the times he has declared war on fossil fuels and his desire to put them all out of business. In an effort to fix the damage Biden did, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre put out a statement trying to do damage control, but all she managed to accomplish is to confirm Biden’s own promise. His exact words when talking about coal mining? “We’re going to be shutting these plants down all across America.” No matter how you try to tap-dance, sidestep or lie, it’s very hard to pretend that isn’t the position of this Eco-terrorist agended White House.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) demanded an apology from Joe Bide, which is laughable. The guy who bought the lies of his own party to sign off on the Inflation Reduction Act wants to act outraged that the promise in that bill to shut down mining is being carried out by the President. He can pretend to be disgusted, but he had the ability to stop it from happening and chose to go along instead.

Finally, in another speech, we get a very interesting slip of the tongue from President Biden. When addressing their faux belief in man-made climate change, Biden accidentally says, “I know you all know there’s no climate problem.” He then says he knows forest fires in the west “just happen.”

We shall see how tomorrow goes. I’m betting an easy changeover of the House and a 53 to 55 Republican seat in the Senate. But, if multiple states have the GOP winning, don’t be surprised if those states have unexplained issues and will need “days and days” to find, I mean, count all the votes.

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