Midterm 2022
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Midterm 2022 – What worked, what didn’t and what we learned

Today I decided to look at the midterm 2022 election to see what worked, what didn’t and what we learned. With the current state of portions of our electorate programmed to do whatever their statists masters tell them, we need to figure out the best way to counteract that. We need look no further than to Governor Ron DeSantis and the state of Florida.

When we want to talk about what worked, Florida provides no doubt where the red wave was most easily seen, followed next by Texas and then maybe Georgia, save for the Senate race, which is heading toward a run-off. Florida has a red wave because Ron DeSantis was bold, strong, optimistic and was unapologetic in his belief in Constitutionalism. He chose to be a leader and to govern as he saw best for the people of Florida. He didn’t take orders or capitulate to the Federal government. He didn’t try to play middle-of-the-road moderate politics to try not to step on too many toes.

What didn’t work is relying on a message of Democrat incompetence. No matter how many times we can point out the results of the policies of the Biden Administration, there is a segment of our nation, thanks to Covid, who will still do what the state demands them to do. They will kneel before their statists masters and excuse their incompetence outright. Just pointing out the bad policies is not good enough for that segment of the electorate. They need to be shown positive examples and proven ideas. In other words, the GOP needed to show voters they stand for something.

What we learned is the Democrat strategy of spending over $40 million dollars of its own money on Republican candidates worked out in more cases than it didn’t. Democrats meddled (in a way) with the elections, by supporting the weaker GOP candidate during the primary, bolstering their victory. We also learned Minority Leader Mitch McConnell spent very little money on those candidates when compared to the war chests provided to the Democrats out of the DNC.

We also learned something interesting based on whether or not a voter was married. Married men broke for Republicans by +20. Married women broke for Republicans by +14. Unmarried men broke for Republicans +4. But, unmarried women broke for Democrats by an astounding +37! The Democrat party has done an excellent job telling unwed women they can achieve ultimate independence by staying single and putting their faith in them. Think about the irony of that message – Do what we tell you and we will take care of you because you don’t need someone else in your life doing that.

Finally, we are keeping a close eye on the Kari Lake run in Arizona for governor. While Secretary of State Kattie Hobbs refused to recuse herself as the Democrat opponent for the Governorship, balloting problems and slow counting is making Arizona a laughingstock once again. However, recent data points seem to indicate the vast majority of mail-in and drop-off ballots are breaking for Lake by anywhere from 60% to 75%. With nearly 400,000 left to tally and only a 13,000 vote deficit, this bodes well for the candidate the media loves to hate.

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