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The Ron DeSantis school of leadership plus Veterans Day 2022

Today I hope to keep my notes a little shorter. I have always been a writer at heart and have a terrible time compressing my thoughts. (Might be why I love talk radio so much!) To end the week, I turn once again to the one state where the red wave was massive and may prove to be long-lasting.

To confirm some of my analysis from this week, I open with comments from Mollie Hemingway, Editor-in-Chief at The Federalist. She also spoke of the need in our current day to run on more than just pointing how badly the other side is doing. You have to inspire people and run on accomplishments, too. She also suggested their is some failure to be share among the leadership of the Republican party, from Mitch McConnell down.

To show you what an impact Florida has, all we need to do is hear from many Democrat strategists who now say it may be a decade before they can make any in-roads. Ron DeSantis provided a PhD level course for all Republicans to follow. He was never afraid to point out the failed policies of his opponents, but he also had a track record for massive successes in his state. Being bold, charismatic, desicive and positive made sure the state of Florida would be bright red for the years to come.

Turning our attention to Arizona, it seems elections officials are planning to drag their vote count into early next week. Civil rights attorney and protector of liberty, Harmeet K. Dhillon was on the Laura Ingraham show and spoke about what was happening in Maricopa county and some of the games being played. But, regardless of the gamesmanship, as she says, at some point they still have to count the rest of the ballots. Based on what her and her team have gathered, they feel good about how the remaining 400,000+ votes will split between Kari Lake and Kattie Hobbs. To add to that, NBC and MSNBC political analyst Steve Kornacki said pretty much the same thing.

As a momentary side topic, I stumbled on a speech from G. Edward Griffin on how he defines socialism. He answered that question in 1969. His assessment seems to be a bullseye for where we are today in the United States and in many other Western nations.

Finally, today is Veteran’s Day and, as one myself, I wanted to end with a quick overview of how the day came to be and some traditions that go along with it. For my fellow veterens here and around the world, thank you for your service!

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