GOP needs to use the new playbook
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GOP needs to use the new playbook plus Ron DeSantis should not try to be Trump

I open today’s show with a little more discussion over what happened to the “red wave” for the 2022 midterm. While I have referenced mail-in balloting is rife for fraud on many occasions, I don’t think I have addressed it head-on. I firmly believe there are millions of voters who have been programmed to become mindless tools for the Left, but there is some blame to be had for GOP leadership who have not learned anything from 2020. The Republican party cannot keep using the old playbook, while Democrats are using a brand new one. Either steps need to be taken to reel in the over-use of “no excuse” mail-in ballots or the GOP will have to realize, it’s no longer just election day, but election month!

While there is nothing wrong with being a traditionalist and wanting to vote on election day, the GOP leadership chose to act like 2020 was an aberration and everything would be back to business as usual. They lack the foresight and strategy being employed by the Democrat party. If ballot harvesting is going to be the new tool for victory, the Republicans had better figure out how to catch up to the Democrats before 2024.

Kari Lake, for all intents and purposes, should have won the governor’s race in Arizona. As of right now, it’s been called for Kattie Hobbs. Here’s another example of what Democrats are willing to do to win. Kattie Hobbs, the current Secretary of State for Arizona, is in charge of the election. She had to certify all machines were ready for midterm Tuesday. She didn’t recuse herself, even though she was running for Governor. Instead, she said the machines were ready and then, magically, 20% failed on election Tuesday. Do we not think Democrats know Republicans tend to favor voting on election day, rather than early or mail-in voting? Of course they do! Once again I ask, did we not learn anything from 2020?

Governor Abbott has declared an invasion and plans to do for Texas what the Joe Biden administration has failed to do — protect our border. While DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testifies the border is secure, they have decided to fire the head of the CPB. In the meantime, we have had over 5 million known illegals crossing our border since Joe Biden was sworn into office. Just this past October, there has been over a 300% increase to when Donald Trump was in office.

Which brings me to my final subject and that’s the supposed war already brewing between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. Let me be crystal clear – both men love America and both have rock-solid policies toward putting America First. BUT, they are vastly different in style and personality. If both men enter the race for the presidency, I will sit back and see who wins the primary. I will vote for either one. My advice to Ron DeSantis would be to not try to out-Trump Trump. It did not work for Ted Cruz in 2016 and it did not work for Marco Rubio. No one can out-Trump Trump, so don’t even try. Instead, be yourself. Be the Ron DeSantis who did bring a red wave to Florida. Be the guy who won independents and even Democrats in his state. Don’t let the media divide the Republican base by fabricating a “war” that does not exist.

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