Nancy Pelosi and Biden investigation
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Nancy pulls back, GOP begins Biden investigation and Octogenarians running

Today’s show opens with a reminder that Nancy Pelosi promised they would pick up more seats in the House of Representatives. Unfortunately, I follow that up with her speech on the floor today saying she is not going to seek any leadership positions in her caucus. Too bad other octogenarians aren’t learning to relinquish the reins of power at a younger age.

Next we move to a piece in the Washington Post having to finally admit, or at least conveniently waiting until after the midterms, that the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago was much ado about nothing. It’s amazing how so many who are ruled solely by emotion can be played for suckers over and over and over again by the Legacy/mainstream media. I would be ashamed to show my face in public for months if I was so gullible.

While I would prefer the new GOP House majority would focus more on the present-day issues we are facing in the country, I understand why they announced an investigation into the Biden Crime Family. It could be they will also be announcing plans to defund the agenda of Joe Biden to keep him from hiring 87,000 IRS agents or continuing to waste taxpayer dollars on his green new deal vision.

Today, Representative James Comer (R-KY) made it clear their investigation is focusing on Joe Biden, not Hunter. Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) reminds us of the collusion by elements of the Executive Branch and the media to protect the Biden’s while going after conservatives. We will see if anything comes of it. For now, I am willing to give them a little latitude so long as they remember the other kitchen table issues Americans are facing.

An aide close to John Fetterman (D-PA) admits he won’t be able to perform basic tasks as a senator while still dealing with some of the brain damage caused by a stroke. Remember, it was MSNBC who already suggested Fetterman should run for president in 2024.

Finally, I give you my thoughts on Donald Trump’s announcement to run in 2024. I have concerns. I like the majority of the platform and his agenda is rock solid. I also think there are many others who would run on the same ideas who could serve two full terms and have the stamina and vigor necessary. I am not suggesting Trump is not capable, I just feel age is something we have to be honest about when considering any candidate. In the end, if we cannot figure out how to use the Democrat playbook for ballot harvesting and voting for weeks and weeks, it really won’t matter who is on the ballot.

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