Elon Musk and CBS discovers Hunter Biden laptop
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Elon Musk let’s Twitter employees fire themselves plus CBS on Hunter Biden laptop

Today’s show opens with my thoughts on how Elon Musk has been managing the workforce at Twitter. I think he has played the game with a masterful stroke. Rather than finding some arbitrary line to decide which employees stay and which are laid off, he put out a challenge. The challenge came after first getting rid of free lunches and demanding employees show up at the office. With such onerous demands in place, all it took was a work challenge to finish the job.

In a very simple message, Elon said, “Going forward, to build a breakthrough Twitter 2.0 and succeed in an increasingly competitive world, we will need to be extremely hardcore. This will mean long hours at high intensity. Only exceptional performance will constitute a passing grade.” Well, the coddled, virtue-signaling, woke mob couldn’t deal with that. Work harder and longer? They literally prided themselves and celebrated getting fired from the company. They shared their jubilation online for the world to see.

Brilliant! Elon Musk did something the private sector has done for years…get the trash to take itself out to the curb. By putting out the challenge, Elon now sees who the real hard working employees are versus the bloated dead weight. For most of my life I’ve heard the adage, 10% of the people are usually responsible for 90% of the work. What better way to demonstrate than how Musk has dramatically culled the workforce at Twitter and yet it continues to preform as though nothing at all has happened.

The 10% who remain will now be rewarded with being involved in the hiring process. Obviously, Twitter will need to rebuild its human resources, but the hardworking, skilled and driven people at Twitter will be able to select similar personalities and work ethic. It’s going to be amazing to watch Twitter 2.0 come to life.

Over the weekend, Elon Musk asked for a vote and input from Twitter users on whether or not the account of Donald Trump should be reinstated. While most Leftists were lighting their heads on fire, I sat back and chuckled. Musk is at it again. My thought is he had some code written prior to the poll that will analyze the responses. I think he is looking for the bots that exist and what better way to find those fake accounts than to ask users how they feel about the former president? Once again, brilliant!

Side note: Twitter has been begged for years to find ways of flagging, reporting and eliminating Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). Nothing has been done under the prior management. Yet, within the three weeks of Musk’s takeover, concrete steps to combat content containing CSE material were taken. There is a lot more to do, but according to Eliza Bleu, a survivor of human trafficking and an advocate for victims, is pleased to see Musk’s progress and hopes he will reach out to her for advice.

Finally, there is breaking news on CBS. Maybe you missed it, but according to a story from this morning, the Hunter Biden laptop is real and so is the information on the harddrive. While it’s cute to mock them for finally acknowledging what we have already know for two years, pay attention to why they decided to do this. I believe they are going to try to own the narrative and make it all about Hunter. They are going to protect Joe Biden and the rest of the Biden Crime Family by framing the story around the effects of drug use and what a heartbreaking story it is for Hunter. Let’s keep watching to see how they spin it over the coming day, weeks and months.

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