Fed judge slams Psaki
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Explosives found Nord 1 and 2 Fed judge slams Psaki and the Jean-Pierre shuffle

Today I open with a reminder that we still don’t know who blew up Nord Stream pipelines 1 and 2. However, Swedish investigatory teams now say they have recovered explosives from the vicinity. While they are continuing to analyze the substance and other traces left behind, the evidence indicates what they are calling “gross sabotage.” I do want to note how the Legacy/mainstream media tends to operate. When news fits or supports their agenda, it gets non-stop, round-the-clock coverage. However, when it doesn’t, you’ll notice those stories tend to disappear or get very little follow-up coverage. Which camp do you think applies to this story?

Next, it looks like former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki ticked off a federal judge when she and her legal team tried to perform and end-around so she would not have be deposed in a law suit. That suit, filed by Missouri AG Eric Schmitt and Louisiana AG Jeff Landry alleges President Biden as well as other agencies and officials suppressed the right to free speech on a variety of subjects, such as election integrity, COVID leak theories, pandemic lockdowns and more.

Psaki tried to make the excuse she was a high-ranking official plus it would put an undue burden on her, her family and her career to take the time to be deposed on the suit. Let’s just say the games she and her team played, not only didn’t win her any favors, but also led to the judge to writing out a brutal ruling when documenting his denial.

Speaking of Press Secretaries, it’s been too long since we got a chance to hear from the esteemed Karine Jean-Pierre. Recently, a reporter asked her to weigh-in on the newly announced GOP investigation into Joe Biden as it relates to the Hunter Biden laptop issue and whether the President was involved in any of those business dealings?

It is something to behold to see one of the dumbest press secretaries in our lifetime, sputter, flail, stammer and haw with such flair when trying to answer a question. Ironically, while trying to spin it as an attack on Republicans, she inadvertently throws shade to her own party. By calling attention to the fact the GOP is not going after lower prices or helping Americans at the kitchen table is not a rebuke against them (because they are capable of multiple tasks at the same time), but is one of the policies of the Biden White House. Why would the Republicans need to fix domestic policies if the current regime was doing its job? Let’s see if anyone else manage to point out that big SNAFU.

Finally, as to prices, KJP is correct. A quick analysis of the cost of a typical Thanksgiving meal is up 20% versus last year and nearly 50% from two years ago. Thanks, Joe Brandon! Well done.

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