Fauci plays saint and child sexuality
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Fauci tries to play saint, a PP exec and child sexuality, and DHS censorship plans

I open today’s show with the sainted Dr. Fauci who believes he is Science Guy and has no regrets over any of his past work. The sheer hubris dripping off of this charlatan is amazing to behold. Thankfully, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is not done pushing for answers. He holds nothing back in saying Fauci’s poor decision-making is responsible for the deaths of over 7 million people.

While speaking of despicable people, let’s move onto a story that dropped today. I spent a good amount of time on yesterday’s show talking about child sacrifice. Today’s news items goes right along with it. The Executive Director of Planned Parenthood’s Center for Sex Education located in New Jersey, Bill Taverner, says, “We are all sexual beings from birth until death.” In his mind, we should be teaching sex to kindergartners and graduate to showing porn to older students. The grooming of our children should not be tolerated, period. It should transcend all demographics as well as politics. The innocence of youth is one of the most precious things they have and we should protect it for as long as possible.

And in my final topic, it looks like more information has come to light about just about extensive the Department of Homeland Security was into working with Big Tech to censor Americans. In a letter, Senator Josh Hawley (D-MO) wrote to Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stating documents from a whistleblower show weekly meeting between DHS and Meta (the new name for Facebook). Another revelation Hawley points out is Disinformation Governance Board’s short-lived Executive Director, Nina Jankowicz, pushed DHS to establish an “analytic exchange” with “industry partners” in an effort to get Big Tech companies to coordinate free speech suppression with the government.

We cannot allow this to abide! I have already reached out to be Congressman and told him I expect any public official, whether elected or appointed, to be forced to resign, fired or impeached if there is evidence they pushed for policies or regulations to trample over the First Amendment. All of us need to write our representatives and demand swift punishment for those who thought they could wipe their own behinds with our Constitution. We need to make their transgression so painful, so as to thwart future individuals from heading down that same path again.

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