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The Twitter Files round one with Matt Taibbi and Obama’s crazy Uncle Joe

Today’s show focuses almost entirely on the astounding news, which Elon Musk dubbed, The Twitter Files.” And, rather than assess and release the information himself, Musk chose Matt Taibbi, a Leftist reporter who is known to be fair in most of the pieces he has written. It was a smart move by Musk to pick one of the Left’s one, unfortunately for Taibbi, he has now become a pariah of Legacy/mainstream media.

The Twitter Files relate to the censorship of the Hunter Biden Laptop story reported by the NY Post, one of the nation’s oldest newspapers. The documentation released showed Twitter execs were well aware they were in the wrong, but stuck to their censorship line anyway. Afterall, there was a presidential campaign to interfere with and a Democrat to protect, while ousting Orange Man Bad.

I go through the documents along with a quick reminder of the real timeline for when the FBI was made aware of the existence of the Hunter Biden laptop up to the point of the suppression of the story and the lockdown of accounts. The collusion between members of the Deep State, to include members of Joe Biden’s campaign, the DNC and the FBI cannot be ignored, yet the Legacy/mainstream media did that very thing all weekend long.

Then, this morning, after what was likely non-stop emergency action meetings at CNN, did they finally craft the narrative they needed to finally acknowledge the story, while making it sound like a nothing burger. CNN Chief Business Correspondent, Christine Romans, did a wonderfully job glossing over the damning details of The Twitter Files, providing much needed cover for the DNC and the Joe Biden campaign. At one point, she quotes another entity saying, “File this story under ‘M’ for meh.” Before concluding the segment, they throw shade on Matt Taibbi, but remind everyone more could be coming.

I then spend a few minutes showing you what happens when you dare speak the truth or try to report honestly, if it happens to hurt the Left or the Leftists narrative. Taibbi has become the pariah of the Left for daring to do the job journalists once did in this country, report honestly and accurately, regardless of political allegiance or outcome.

To end with some levity, we turn to President Barack Obama who was stumping in Georgia for the Senate run-off. While trying to paint Hershel Walker as the bumbling uncle who says “crazy stuff,” of all the names he could have chosen, he called that ubiquitous family member, “Uncle Joe,” saying, “They’re part of the family, but you don’t give them serious responsibilities.” Well, maybe if the press had done their job in 2020, we wouldn’t be dealing with Uncle Joe being give the serious responsibilities of leading our nation.

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