Biden chooses Griner and Dr. Tim Ryan
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Biden chooses America-hater over a Marine plus Dr. Tim Ryan and misinformation

Today will be just a little different. We are gearing up for our annual holiday shindig and so I’ve got a full schedule over the next two days. However, I still wanted to make sure to bring you a brand new episode. To start, I do open with breaking news. The Biden regime has decided on a prisoner swap with Russia. The colossal idiots in our White House have swapped the Merchant of Death for an America-hating bigot over a decorated Marine. I know I say this a lot, but you cannot make this up. Biden chose Britney Griner over Marine Paul Whalen. What a perfect microcosm to illustrate the rot currently infested in the Executive Branch.

My next topic is my sit down interview with Dr. Tim Ryan. Dr. Ryan has been a medical practitioner for over three decades and is a recurring guest on my Saturday radio show. Recently, we sat down to talk about the overused (and usually misused) term, “misinformation,’ especially as it relates to COVID and the nonsense that surrounded public health for over two years. It’s important to be reminded that what gets labeled as misinformation today, often turns out to be true and vice versa.

What’s sad is how much faith the average person has lost in the competence of public health. It is at an all-time low and not showing any signs of improvement. And the more we learn about how dubious they played behind the scenes, the worse it gets. Maybe, going forward, we will all understand the sheer stupidity of putting our faith into a one-size-fits-all solution and realizing more voices and experts is better than locking people down who aren’t towing the government line.

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