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Sinema switches, The Twiter Files part 2 and more with Dr. Tim Ryan and SADS

Today we open with breaking news from Arizona. Just this past Wednesday, I mentioned 8 vulnerable Democrat senators coming up in the 2024 election cycle. One of them was Kyrsten Sinema. Well, lo and behold, this morning, Sinema has officially left the Democrat party, changing her affiliation to Independent. She has said she does not plan to caucus with the Democrats, making her a true swing-vote in the Senate. Now, let’s see what Joe Manchin may choose to do in the coming weeks.

Next, The Twitter Files part 2 dropped, this time from Bari Weiss. The subject for the latest drop was absolute confirmation of Twitter developing tools to shadow ban, or, as Twitter called it, “Visibility Filtering.” Bari documents how, over time, the programmers developed switches they could turn on or off to either limit or amplify a person’s reach or ability to be found via a search. According to Twitter employees, this happened a lot and never with the users knowledge. The two most directly responsible for locking down conservatives was Vijaya Gadde and Yoel Roth.

Both of them lied repeatedly about shadow banning and outright lied about going after people by their political ideology. The documentation is clear. As Bari concludes the second drop of information, she reminds us they are still working their way through thousands of documents and the next drop will once again come from Matt Taibbi.

Our final subject is a recent interview I had with Dr. Tim Ryan. I have been reading many disturbing reports, both here and in Europe. There seems to be a 25% increase in heart attack deaths in younger demographics and the incidents of cancer diagnoses is on a dramatic rise. While some may say it is from not going to the doctor during lock downs, I bring up some research that indicates the mRNA vaccine may be causing damage to our immune system. Dr. Ryan and I go back and forth on this piece for a bit before winding down.

One of the last comments we both make is on the importance of strengthening our immune system. Fresh air, exercise, eating right, getting sunshine, drinking water, getting enough sleep and taking a Vitamin D supplement are all key to fighting all forms of disease. It’s easy enough to do if we can force ourselves to establish those habits.

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