Twitter Files part 3
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The Twitter Files part 3 – Election interference through January 6-8

Today we spend the entire episode breaking down The Twitter Files part 3, dealing with the shadow banning of President Donald J. Trump from early 2020 through his eventual expulsion after January 6, 2021. Matt Taibbi reveals Twitter was already affecting the election by turning on their “visibility filtering” on the President of the United States of America. With all of the other murderous, tin-horn, two-bit dictators around the world with their Twitter account intact, it was the leader of the free world who would find himself banned from being able to freely communicate with Americans.

Twitter folks inside knew they were making history by suspending the president. The breakdown of information is so in-depth, it’s almost dizzying to process it all. It seemed with each passing day, they were creating new rules, bots and algorithms to control speech – at least the free speech of Republicans and Trump supporters.

It’s clear upper level executives withing Twitter, like Yoel Roth, were meeting with DHS, the FBI and the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) on a weekly basis. At one point, Roth laments about how much time he’s spending with them and would sometimes “ghost” them (not responding to emails, voicemails or texts as though they were never received).

By the time January 6 arrived and the riots took place, Twitter had gotten to a place of such Orwellian self-delusion, they believed it was their solemn responsibility to control, as much as possible, what people could talk about, how often and with whom. It was groupthink on steroids. By the end of the frenzy over the course of January 6 through January 8, the millions of rules were reduced to basically one – we can moderate anyone we want for any reason we want without explanation.

As we close the show, I mention a fun tweet Elon Musk put out in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday, December 11. It was a single line: My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci. While the Left is once again lighting their heads on fire, someone asked Musk if that tweet refers to an upcoming new release of Twitter files, and the simple reply was, yes.

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