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Emotional attachments to narratives and the CDC’s private Twitter portal

Today we start with the tweet Elon Musk dropped on Sunday where he said his pronouns were “Prosecute” and “Fauci.” We dive into that and it reminded me of a story I had been holding for about a week. But, before I tie the Musk tweet with the story I had been saving, we have to get into the rip and read culture within “journalism.”

Erica Marsh put out a tweet late yesterday stating “prominent attorneys” are suddenly looking at whether or not Elon Musk lied on his citizenship application. This leads me to a side-story about tying emotional responses to typed messages and how dumb it is to do that. That story ties back around to the tweet, which turns out to be nearly identical from dozens and dozens of other people on Twitter. No one bothers to look, research or see if it is even remotely true. It sounds good and produces an emotional response, so they simply cut/paste and pretend they are the ones bringing you this “breaking” news.

Folks are going after Musk for revealing the dark secrets that have been whispered behind all of our backs. We’ve already talked about the collusion between government and Big Tech for things like the Hunter Biden laptop story and locking down the speech of folks on the right. Let’s add to that the COVID censorship and constant cries of misinformation.

It seems the CDC was also given a direct portal to get to the right people in Twitter so information or users could be censored. Public health was given the script of the one-size-fits-all approach to COVID and anyone who dared say something different was an enemy of the state and a spreader of disinformation. It didn’t matter whether or not they could back up their ideas with data or facts. The government was not about to have it’s authority challenged.

The more we are learning, the worse it is for all Americans – heck, for the entirety of the free world. Basically, a handful of bureaucrats were making decisions and forcing edicts to foist upon the rest of humanity. Once again, those of us in the New Media were so far ahead of this, it’s nauseating. The information we fought desperately to bring to others was locked down at the behest of the U.S. Government, in direct violation of our Constitution. It should make everyone sick, regardless of party.

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