Twitter Files part 8 - Pentagon PsyOps
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Twitter Files part 8 – Pentagon PsyOps

With the holidays upon me, I have to keep today’s show short, but knew I had to address the Twitter Files part 8, dealing with helping the Pentagon with the PsyOp campaigns. While Twitter repeatedly said they did not aid state actors with propaganda or other operations, it’s obvious they did get cozy with the Pentagon starting back in 2017.

While I do think our Department of Defense should do all they can to hurt our enemies, what ended up happening was the formation of a level of comfort between our government and social media in carrying out those campaigns. Though they initially went after bad actors in the Middle East, the ongoing relationships led to the collusion and cooperation with go after Americans on the domestic front.

In a way, Twitter Files 1-7 show what happened within the culture of Twitter as a result of their cooperation with the Pentagon starting in 2017. Over time, the intelligence community was beginning to seed Twitter with resources, ex-employees and eventually tax-payer dollars to get Twitter to comply with their demands, regardless of the protections of the Bill of Rights.

What matters now is we are finally being shown just how pervasive and how long this infestation has been allowed to grow. It’s up to us to reach out to our elected representatives to demand something is done. We need all those who knowingly trampled over the Constitution to be removed from wherever they exist in the halls of government. The new legislative session is coming at the start of 2023. Make sure to reach out to your representatives before then.

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