Covid fact checkers fail
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Fact checkers continue to fail while vaccine adverse events keep rising

It’s been awhile since I have spent any time on the topic of Covid and the mRNA vaccines. Today, I find it interesting how the “fact checkers” are more often wrong and tend to shoot down inconvenient truths at the expense of misleading the American public. While instances of sudden, unexplained heart attacks continues to rise without explanation, life insurance actuarials are finding dramatic rises in expected deaths in the 18-64 age range.

Because of this, I wanted to dive into some of the information I have been gathering for the last few months. First, to illustrate just how poorly organizations like PolitiFact really know what is fact versus false, we look at one of their employees. Jeff Cercone seems to enjoy towing the narrative of the Biden regime, which includes the CDC and the sainted one, Dr. Fauci. He has no medical background. He’s not a doctor. He’s not a scientist. He doesn’t have any higher education which could give him the tools he would need to be an “expert” on Covid-19 information.

Yet, in case after case, Cercone loves to label truths as false, even while providing links that prove the original post to be true. It’s amazing to point out just how clueless he is. One has to wonder if fact-checkers are really that inept or are the just doing their best to tow the propaganda line in front of them? It’s probably both, but definitely more the latter.

Another illustration of what I like to call the 18 month window for fact-checkers to catch up to the rest of us, comes from the Wall Street Journal. In a piece written by Allysia Finley on January 1 of 2023, she writes, “Growing evidence also suggests that repeated vaccinations may make people more susceptible to XBB (the latest Covid-19 variant) and could be fueling the virus’s rapid evolution.” The piece is entitled, “Are Vaccines Fueling New Covid Variants?”

However, if we look back 18 months to June 3, 2021, when the thought was being first discussed about vaccines leading to variants, Reuters stepped in with a huge Fact Check FALSE! They wrote, “There is no evidence that Covid-19 vaccinations have caused the original coronavirus to mutate.” Once again, what was labeled as FALSE has turned into current thinking from the scientific community.

As if in support of showing how wrong they were 18 months ago and in support of the newest thinking, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky has once again tested positive for Covid. This is one month after she publicly celebrated getting her booster shot. Seems she unwittingly continues to show the world why she and the CDC can no longer be trusted with scientific information. They have become just another tool in the regimes propaganda arsenal.

Stacey Lennox with PJ Media just published a piece on January 2, 2023 called, “An Astonishing Percentage of Americans Credit COVID-19 Vaccines for Unexplained Deaths.” In it, she not only summarizes recent polling by Rasmussen, but also references some of the very same life insurance actuarial tables we discuss.

In a stroke of irony, California Assembly Bill 2098 went into effect at the start of the year. This is the law making the spreading of mis or disinformation about Covid-19 an act of unprofessional conduct. All doctors and surgeons in California now risk losing their license if they fail to tow the state’s propaganda line. It seems California prefers to let someone like Fred Cercone decide on medical information, rather than from doctors, researchers and scientists.

Finally, in a moment reflective of the current state of the Democrat party, we head to the swearing in of Governor-elect Kattie Hobbs in Arizona. As soon as the word “Constitution” is mentioned, there are giggles, faces made and Hobbs, in Valleygirl-esque fashion, tells them all to stop, while laughing as well. They are on camera literally making a joke out of swearing to uphold and defend our founding documents. Is there anything more illustrative of the Democrat Party than their display?

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