Happy Insurrection Day and we're not mob rule
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Happy Insurrection Day plus the McCarthy debate reminds us we’re not mob rule

Happy Insurrection Day! I have no choice but to open today with a bit of snark and sarcasm over those who have still convinced themselves the January 6 riots were the worst day in America. While it was disappointing to see people pushed toward doing damage and behaving like a mob, it was not an insurrection. Remember, not one person prosecuted since that day two years ago, out of over 800 convictions, was ever charged with the crime of insurrection.

While being a little snarky, there is one serious item remember. There was in fact one person murdered on that day and it was not a member of the Capitol police or any politicians. Ashley Babbitt, a former Air Force veteran and a supporter of Donald Trump, was murdered by Michael Byrd of the Capitol Police. There is no getting around this fact the J6 Committee and Democrats keep hoping will stay swept under the rug.

On top of that, we must also remind you of the report released around December 21 of 2022 that Nancy Pelosi was directly responsible for both the security and intelligence failures on January 6. Let’s also add to that how the J6 Committee decided to put a seal on all of their work for the next 50 years and refuse to release all of the video footage, interview all of the people involved and want you to forget Ray Epps ever existed. With all we’ve learned from the release of the Twitter Files plus all of the malfeasance and lying from many of the alphabet agencies, why isn’t it reasonable to assume there were forces at work on January 6 that came from inside the government and not Donald Trump?

The discussion of the mob mentality leads me to continue our discussion over the debates happening around Kevin McCarthy. We are not a pure democracy, which is also known as “mob rule.” We are not a Democracy. We are a Republic. The massive difference is the majority rules, except with respect to the rights of the minority. The minority does not have to “cave” to the pressure of the majority, so long as they are not breaking laws or infringing on the rights of others.

So, when 20+ lawmakers have strong concerns over how the Speaker’s role has been altered over the last few decades, making it far too powerful and no longer as defined by the Constitution, are they not expected to stand up and make their argument? While it seems frustrating that the 118th Congress has yet to convene, this is not unusual. This is how it should have been happening for years. The items being discussed are a means of getting back to where we were in the House of Representatives before the last couple of decades where power was coalesced to a degree never intended by our Founding Fathers. I specifically get into some quotes from Chip Roy (R-TX) who is one of the conservatives pushing for a return to our Constitutional Republic as drafted.

The question should not be, “Why are these 20 people holding up the election of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker?” Instead, the question ought to be be, “Why aren’t all of the other other Republicans getting behind them?” Thanks to a piece by Josh Hammer in Newsweek, I spend the last few minutes of the show reframing the debate taking place and why the Legacy/mainstream media isn’t telling you the truth about the process taking place.

Finally, we have to deal with two ridiculous items for the week. The first, a monstrously stupid headline from the LA Times. Here it is: White supremacy comes in all colors. Welcome to 2023 where everyone is a white supremacist, regardless of what color you are. Second, Joe Biden believes the 20,000 pounds of fentanyl confiscated at our border could kill 1,000 Americans. He’s just a little off. That much fentanyl is enough to kill closer to more than 4 billion people. But, what do you expect from our current Commander-in-Chief?

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