Rebecca Yardley for Georgia GOP Chair
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Conversation with Rebecca Yardley for Georgia GOP Chair

Today’s bonus episode is my sit-down conversation with Rebecca Yardley who is running to be the GOP Chair for the state of Georgia. As we are seeing at the national level, leading the Republican party is more than just fund-raising, it’s also about winning elections, locally and nationally.

Rebecca has more than 30 years of experience in local Georgia politics. What’s more, she believes wholeheartedly in something we talk about all the time on The Alan Sanders Show – having the conversation. Rather than talking “at” someone, Rebecca believes we should be talking “with” one another. She reminds us of an old axiom handed down by her grandmother, we have two ears and one mouth, which means we need to listen twice as much as we speak.

Rebecca has two Gen-Z daughters and understands we need to make sure we are not ignoring the 18-29 year old voting demographic. We need to engage voters and in such a way as to remove preconceived notions or labels. It’s far better to find the common ground and work from there. When it comes down to it, most of us would agree on a host of issues, but we tend to get entrenched in the few differences we may have. That’s not to say those difference may not be important, especially if they are intrinsic core values, but we can at least open ourselves to a dialogue. And, as she reminds us, a conversation is a two-way street. You have to listen!

We close with Rebecca Yardley giving her pitch for why she is the right person to lead the GOP in the state of Georgia. The election for the position is not until June of this year, but she isn’t wasting time getting on the road. She reminds us the 2024 campaign cycle began as soon as the 2022 midterms came to an end. She says she is not interested in climbing the political ladder and her only ambition is to lead the GOP in the state of Georgia and to help inform all Georgians of just how broad and tall the tent is for the Republican Party.

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