Constitution wins with McCarthy concessions
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The Constitution wins with McCarthy concessions and what they are

Today we open with Kevin McCarthy having finally been elected to Speaker of the House after a 15th vote. The 20 members of the House who stuck to their guns won a huge battle toward making the Legislative Branch more functional and fair for the American people.

Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), who made a total fool of himself by mocking and deriding his fellow Republicans, made a half-hearted apology on CNN while trying to gaslight us into thinking he was just using a “turn of phrase.” I’m sorry, but calling those 20 people, terrorists, isn’t some throw-away phrase people use in daily vernacular. Plus, you also called them enemies and narcissists. Rather than own it and admit he let his emotions get the better of him, he had to try to make it look like everyone else misunderstood him.

MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart was worse about it, describing the actions of the 20 as being nothing more than an ongoing extension of the insurrection from two years ago. And, even worse than that, his guest, Representative Madeleine Dean (D-PA) agreed!

Fox News’s Jimmy Failla tweeted something only two days into the hold-out and it bears repeating. “Failing to pick a leader in 2 days is not embarrassing. Spiking inflation to a 40 year high is embarrassing. Opening the border is embarrassing. Fleeing Afghanistan is embarrassing. Forcing (non-working) vaccines on people is embarrassing. Take your time, GOP. Take your time.”

Next I share a very short video Lauren Boebert (R-CO) made, addressing the wins they gained before voting for McCarthy. It’s amazing to go through them and think, this is what Dan Crenshaw believes to be the demands of our enemies? Of Terrorists? These are the things that lend themselves toward discussion of insurrection?

To make sure I provide an accurate list of concessions McCarthy made, I use both and Axios story and one from ZeroHedge. Between the two, I think it is fair to say we owe those 20 Republicans a lot for sticking to their Constitutional principles and moving the Legislative Branch of government back where our Founding Fathers intended.

One of those concessions deserves a little discussion. The Post Millennial today reveals Jim Jordan (R-OH) has been named Chair of a new “Church” committee, tasked with looking into various subjects where the Government has been weaponized to go after American and their rights. This includes the Hunter Biden laptop censorship story, FBI’s Russian collusion hoax narrative, lying to FISA courts and, of course, the governments response to and handling of COVID-19.

The coronavirus story is so important because of all the work finally being made public about the mRNA vaccine. Dr. Richard Fleming takes a minute to summarize what we have learned about the vaxx. He calls out three elements and when he concludes are are all left to wonder why those involved are not already in prison?

As a tie-in to this “Church” committee, Attorney General Andrew Bailey just released a host of documents about the government going after Americans and censoring them. One of those documents relates to a White House employee sending a letter, asking Twitter to silence Robert Kennedy, Jr. for being a known critic of the regime’s COVID-19 narrative. For too long this government has been flouting the Constitution and because of those hold-outs, we are hopefully going to put a stop to it moving forward.

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