Inflation at 6.5% and more Biden classified docs
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Inflation at 6.5% and why are they now telling us Biden took classified docs?

Today we open with the December inflation numbers which dropped from November’s 7.1% to 6.5% and there is much rejoicing in the halls of Washington, D.C. Let’s remember this number is a year-to-year basis. So, we are paying on average 6.5% more than this time last year. What was the inflation rate a year ago?? It was 7.0%. In effect, today’s 6.5% number means you are paying nearly 14% more than you were pay for the same goods two years ago. While the Fed is likely going to keep increasing interest rates to keep pushing inflation downward, we are at a point where layoffs are going to be increasing. The White House may not want to believe we are already in a recession, but there will be no avoiding that fact soon.

I then continue my deep-dive into Biden’s problems with being caught in possession of classified documents. I don’t care how much the Biden team is cooperating with the National Archives. I do not care how much Biden wants to help resolve the situation. I don’t care how nice he is being. It doesn’t matter. As someone who never had Constitutional authority to declassify documents, what he did is illegal. And the fact the White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre either doesn’t know that or refuses to answer that is a huge problem for this White House. She did not answer how the documents got there, only that Biden was cooperating. No one asked that.

Now, a second batch of classified documents have been discovered in the garage of one of Biden’s home’s in Wilmington, DE. We have no idea about the subjects contained there, but, it once again, matters not. This has prompted some Republicans to speak out and demand equal treatment to what they did to Donald Trump. Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) says Merrick Garland’s DOJ cannot have a two-tiered justice system. Representative James Comer (R-KY) is concerned over the growing mountain of evidence of just how compromised our Commander-in-Chief is with the Communist Chinese Party.

Yet, the question I find myself pondering over the last 36-48 hours is, why now? Why did the players behind the scenes decide to release this information about the classified documents? They had gotten away with it since early November. Why voluntarily admit to Biden’s wrongdoing? Is it to get the Legacy/mainstream media to circle the wagons and help make this go away before the 2024 presidential election run? Or, is this a way to get Biden out of the way beforehand? Is it a way to give the newly created Church committee a sacrificial lamb to appease their appetites? Is this all to throw the GOP off the scent of the Deep State by allowing Joe Biden to be thrown under the bus? While it smacks of sounding like a conspiracy theory, it is easy to connect these dots and wonder whether or not that is exactly what’s taking place.

Finally, after massive blow-back from both sides, it looks like the government has walked back the notion of banning natural gas stoves and ovens. This wasn’t just mistaken overreach by a single zealot, but they want you to think that. They are pulling back on this agenda item, for now, but rest assured, they are always trying to think of new ways to control us and take away our freedoms.

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