Joe Biden embarrasses himself
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When it comes to embarrassing Joe Biden, no one is better than Joe Biden

Today we recognized that no one is more qualified to embarrass Joe Biden, than Joe Biden. First, I want to suggest that the Olympic Committee consider adding a brand new event. The event I’d like to see would be called, Mental Gymnastics. Because, today’s Legacy/mainstream media is twisting themselves (and their audiences) into pretzel shaped knots in a desperate attempt to defend Joe Biden while still throwing hate all over Donald Trump.

To illustrate, I have a compilation of several talking heads and hosts from MSNBC and CNN who are knowingly lying about the facts as it relates to both Donald Trump and Joe Biden regarding the handling of classified material. In fact, back in 2018, even Andrea Mitchell herself interviewed the former Vice President in the very office where classified documents had been stashed. In that interview, Biden stated, “I don’t have access to classified information anymore.” The lies flow off his lips like honey. But it goes to show, the best person to embarrass Joe Biden is none other than Joe Biden.

To prove this, we next move to the exchange between Fox News’s Peter Doocy who asked the president to explain just what he was thinking in keeping classified documents next to his Corvette. Surprisingly, Biden not only admitted that was the case, he justified it saying the garage was locked. Well, Donald Trump had his documents locked, so what’s the difference? On top of that, just as the exchange was free-flowing, it’s almost like someone in an ear piece reminds him to stop talking and just read the prepared statement.

Ironically, the prepared statement mentions two locations we have yet to formally hear about regarding classified documents. Joe Biden mentions his personal library and a filing cabinet. This might explain why the White House has yet to say all of the documents have been found. They seem to be waiting for another shoe to drop. Of course, part of the reason the White House is responding so poorly is they have Karine Jean-Pierre as the Press Secretary. She could not screw this up any more if she had been told to do that very thing.

Newly elected Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy held his first impromptu presser yesterday and it seems doing battle with the 20 hold-outs did him some good. He seems to have been reminded of what it means to be a Constitutionalist. He did a fantastic job both schooling and chiding the press over how the Biden story has been evolving versus how it was handled with Donald Trump. I can honestly say, he impressed me. Plus, in a weird turn of events, CNN”s Senior Legal Affairs Correspondent, Paula Reid, surprised me by talking about the Biden classified documents situation with a degree of truth and sincerity. I was actually shocked to hear a random act of journalism on Don Lemon’s show.

To end on a lighter note, I bring you two back-to-back sound bites. The first is Andrea Mitchell trying to scold another MSNBC reporter for his use of the term, “pro-life.” You have to hear for yourself how she beclowns herself on her own show. Next, it’s been awhile, but I have two quotes in a row from our Vice President. So, it’s time for another installment of Deep Thoughts with VP Kamala Harris. In the first, she explains where the Caribbean Islands are located and in the second, she shares her joy for electric school buses. We better laugh folks, because our only alternative is to cry.

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