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Twitter knew Democrats were lying all through RussiaGate and #ReleasetheMemo

Today we dissect the most recent dump from The Twitter Files, focusing on how Twitter knew Democrats were lying about Russian bots and the RussiaGate hoax, but went along with it anyway. It’s sad that it takes so long for the truth to avail itself to the masses. Many of us realized within a few months, the Russia collusion story was a hoax. Even after the Mueller investigation found nothing, people still kept running stories about it. Then Congressman Devin Nunes wrote a memo detailing all of the malfeasance and impropriety surrounding the story and was laughed at by the Legacy/mainstream media.

Fast forward from January 2018, when Nunes wrote his memo to just last week when journalist Matt Taibbi released a thread of tweets illustrating the con-game that took place among the FBI, high-ranking members of the House and Senate and Big Tech. Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA), Representative Adam Schiff “for Brains” (D-CA) and Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-NY) all sent in memos filled with accusations of Russian bots and Russia-owned accounts spreading lies about the Russia investigation. But, no matter how much Twitter investigated, they could not find any evidence. That didn’t stop those representative from leaking their concerns to the all-too-willing sycophantic media, who ran with the stories without once bother to fact-check.

As it turns out, nearly two years later, in December of 2021, Inspector General Michael Horowitz scaled the FBI and vindicated every point Devin Nunes had made in his original memo. By that point, however, most people had assumed the Russian story as true and never bothered to learn the truth. Taibbi also points to a system many of these Democrats used as their sole source for their Russian allegations, a dashboard called Hamilton 68, which was designed by a former FBI counterintelligence agent on behalf of the Alliance for Securing Democracy. Even executives in Twitter mocked this sole source, knowing they did not have the same metrics available to them as Twitter had internally.

While some may say the FBI was still acting in good faith and should be trusted because they are all honorable and above reproach, let me give you a headline from Law Enforcement Today, “In bombshell report, FBI admits using the CIA, (NSA) to essentially spy on American citizens without a warrant.” There is a reason the Bill of Rights was crafted to go along with the US Constitution and it was to prevent our government from becoming an Authoritarian dictatorship, circumventing the rules and using it’s power to go after it’s political opposition. That’s not what it is to be an American and none of us should stand for it.

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