Two standards for Biden Crime Family
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Two standards at play regarding the Biden Crime Family

Today I open with some lingering items that have been stuck in my head since the Biden classified documents scandal broke. Since there are several Democrats doing damage control, along with the Legacy/mainstream media, it becomes clearer they are creating two standards at play regarding the Biden Crime Family. After all, we got night after night of how terrible it is for anyone to have classified material in their possession, a la Trump and the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. Now, they are having to bend themselves into pretzel’s to convince you Biden’s mishandling of classified information is much ado about nothing.

One of the lingering issues to me is why would Joe Biden be asking his personal lawyers to go on the search for confidential documents when they, themselves, have no clearance? Moreover, why is the Department of Justice under Merrick Garland okay with having them do that? Why are the okay with the FBI having nothing to do with overseeing the search. It doesn’t add up to me.

The next items vexing me relate to Hunter Biden filling out a background form stating he was paying his dad rent in the amount of $49,910. Now we find out that is the exact same number he said he was renting office space in D.C. to do business with Chinese representatives from CEFC. The question, did Hunter make yet another bone-headed mistake and mix up two numbers in his head or was the specific number more significant? On top of that, if it was rent, why didn’t Joe Biden claim it on his own taxes?

Side note: isn’t it interesting we have heard nothing more from Donald Trump’s taxes after he was forced to release them per court order? We only got a momentary story of how he didn’t pay taxes or little tax, but we also saw he claimed massive investment losses. In other words, he followed the tax code and did nothing wrong.

So, while we wait to see if Hunter Biden made a clerical error or if the $50K/month number represents something else, there is something else bothering related to White House lawyers being used as clerks to search Biden’s Wilmington home. Who is making sure taxpayer funds are not being used for Biden’s personal use or business? In fact, Representative Mike Waltz (R-FL) says, “We’re not seeing any firewalls between taxpayer funded White House counsel and Biden’s personal, high-dollar lawyers – and that’s potentially an abuse of taxpayer dollars.”

Karine Jean-Pierre still refuses to answer the questions being asked about the Biden classified documents scandal, claiming she’s already answered everyone’s question. Isn’t it great to answer the question she hears in her own head versus the ones actually being asked?

How bad is it getting for the Biden Crime Family when CNN finally admits Joe has been lying about knowing nothing of Hunter’s business dealings. Yet, earlier this week, CNN ran a segment showing just how implausible that is. Ironically, the references they used were known to this audience since the middle of last year. So nice of CNN to finally have caught up with my show.

Finally, the last lingering item in my head is who is behind releasing this information now? Why now?? Suddenly, we have a story of President Obama’s ethics chief tearing into Biden for “appalling negligence” of classified documents and for breaking the public’s trust by keeping it quiet for two months. It cannot be ignored that Biden hired so many of the same people who worked in the Biden Administration. Are those who are loyal to Obama the one’s pulling Biden’s strings and are now getting ready to cut them?

Now, let me end on two back-to-back sound bites demonstrating both the elitism and stupidity of those who want to be in charge, crafting rules for all of us to follow, while carving out exceptions for themselves. The first is John “Why the Long Face” Kerry, who believes he and his fellow Davos attendees are the “select” group sent to save the planet. The second is Geraldo Rivera sparring with Greg Gutfeld over AR-16s. After saying it’s “not a rifle” he then goes on to say A.R. stands for Automatic Rifle. For all these years, he has yet to learn it stands for the company name, ArmaLite. He is a complete dimwit when it comes to anything related to the 2nd Amendment.

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